3 ATEEZ Songs That Brought Out The Group’s Unrivaled Artistry

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HALAZIA, PH ATINY! Here are 3 songs to get you pumped up before the much-awaited ATEEZ concert in Manila!

ATEEZ is all set and ready to take the Philippines by storm through The Fellowship: Break The Wall in Manila.

Scheduled to commence on September 16, Saturday, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, a lot of Filipino ATINY have been out and about getting ready to see the boys up close to perform their biggest hits.

ateez the fellowship break the wall manila

Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho debuted with ATEEZ on October 24, 2018, with Treasure EP.1: All to Zero.

Since then, the KQ Entertainment idol group has displayed its diverse and captivating discography. ATEEZ also is commendable for producing its own songs and the ability to transcend genres and create a sound that is uniquely its own.

To get every Filipino ATINY ready for the upcoming one-night concert event, here are three out of the many amazing tracks that brought out the group’s unrivaled artistry.

ATEEZ – Say My Name

“Say My Name” is an absolute call of confidence. It is the title track from the second EP, Treasure EP.2: Zero To One. “Say My Name” is undoubtedly a powerful anthem that combines elements of country-style EDM and trap, creating a sound that proves ATEEZ’s unique musical color.

Specifically, the lyrics encourage every listener to confidently proclaim their identity. As the prequel to “Pirate King,” which was the title track of their debut album, “Say My Name” introduces the story of how the members became pirates. The catchy chorus that repeatedly asks you to call ATEEZ and they will come wherever you are.

ATEEZ – BOUNCY (K-Hot Chilli Peppers)

“BOUNCY (K-Hot Chilli Peppers” is the title track of the 9th mini album, The World EP.2: Outlaw, which was released in June 2023.

As the most recent track from ATEEZ, “BOUNCY (K-Hot Chilli Peppers)” is a must-listen, especially if you are new to the group. It is a vibrant and upbeat song that brings forth the message of uniqueness, being free, and the power of change.

Specifically, the lyrics of the song invite its listeners to embrace their individuality and ignore the stereotypes. Accompanied by the energetic beat and instrumental, you have no choice but to groove along.

ATEEZ – Wonderland

“Wonderland” is a personal favorite. It is the title track of the first studio album, Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action, which was released on October 8, 2019.

The song is about the relentless pursuit of dreams, despite adversity. The lyrics encourage listeners to continuously move forward with determination, proudly accomplishing all challenges.

“Wonderland” also provides a sense of anthem. This is achieved through the unique blend of powerful drum beats that create a forward-moving, marching band-like rhythm.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ is coming to the Philippines for its first solo concert. Brought to fans by Wilbros Live, the ATEEZ World Tour The Fellowship: Break The Wall in Manila is set to happen on September 16, Saturday, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Limited tickets to the show are still available for purchase at all TicketNet outlets nationwide and online via ticketnet.com.ph.

Source: KQ Entertainment, Wilbros Live