3 Life-Affirming Lessons From WINNER To Inspire You When The Going Gets Tough

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To grow together as a group while aspiring to be better version of themselves as artists has made WINNER an inspiration to their fans

Entering their sixth year, WINNER has definitely made their mark in the K-pop scene. With songs like “Really Really” and “Millions”, they had proved multiple times that they’ve found their sound and are extremely good at it.


Not only do they produce their own songs, the members have all dabbled in either variety shows or acting – showing their all roundedness and capability to the world.

WINNER’s past five years have definitely been a roller-coaster: with a 12-month hiatus after debut followed by losing a band member. From there, they rise up again to be the first boy band to break 100 million streams on South Korea’s Gaon Chart, thanks to “Really Really”.

Their musicality has evolved to stunning heights and with each new album, they proudly showcase their changes to fans and the public.

Notably, WINNER is always a delight to watch and read about during interviews with their light-hearted banter among each other as well as carefully well-thought-out answers that provides more insight to their personalities.

Change is necessary

In an interview with Allure, the members described each other’s individual styles before commenting on the group’s overall aesthetic. Just like their music, the way the members view their aesthetic has shifted from a heavier, refined one to a much lighter and happier style filled with good vibes.

“We want to go with the flow with a young, youthful type of things. We are all young, so we just want to go with the same lines of who we are right now, whether it be music or style,” says leader Yoon.

Winner’s boyfriend, fun and easy-going vibe now is a total 180 change from the mature try hard style they started with.

Pave your own path

Rapper Mino once stated, “We don’t want to do the same path because if we keep doing the same thing, it’s going to make it too boring.”

With the likes of BIGBANG and 2NE1, YG Entertainment has always been known to have a niche sound that WINNER is deviating from. Being self-produced idols, their songs are known to have a style of their own and the members have expressed interest in trying out different genres moving forward.

Yoon added in, “Just because YG has produced a sound in the past, doesn’t mean we put a lot of consciousness or think about that. We just want to make music that we really want to make.”

It looks like their experimentation and deviation paid off looking at their songs that have been charting on nearly all major Korean music sites.

Appreciate your support system

Being a K-pop idol band that has been dubbed “the first male idol to win #1 on music shows in the shortest time” and “the first male idol to surpass 100 million chart-in streams”, WINNER receives the title of “the first” more often than other idol groups. For the group, this achievement has always been attributed to the support of their fans and staff.

In their interview with Nylon, the members expressed their gratitude to Inner Circle as well as staff members who have helped them thus far. They never fail to show their appreciation and thankfulness towards those whom have been by their side from the beginning despite the multiple achievements they have garnered.

Seunghoon quipped, “I think titles like “the first” and “the shortest time” have a special meaning that is similar to breaking a Guinness record. I want us to be singers who our fans can be even more proud of.”

Jinwoo then chimed in, “I am always thankful for our TEAM WINNER staff members and my member dongsaengs for always working hard.”

CROSS Tour in Singapore

The bond between WINNER and Inner Circle will forever be strong as the proud fans will surely cheer the members on.

As the last stop of the tour, Singapore Inner Circle should not miss seeing Mino, Jinwoo, Seunghoon and Seungyoon live. CROSS tour will also be their last concert series prior to the members’ military enlistment.

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Words By: Fitriah | Event Reporter for Hellokpop

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