40 South Korea Tourist Attractions To Visit While Staying At Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

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Get the best of both worlds by choosing Four Seasons Hotel Seoul as your haven while on a business trip or traveling!

Rapidly growing as a popular destination for tourists, it is no denying how an array of places to stay nestle abundantly in Seoul and nearby cities. But, what better way to make your short trip or planned vacation than having the best possible accommodation.

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Tucked in one of the most bustling and vibrant cities of South Korea, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul offers not just a luxurious stay full of warmth – it also leads to the best attractions that can make any traveler smile.

Tailored to fit various preferences, take these suggested city highlights and activities. Catering to individual or group trips, maximize your stay in Seoul by visiting these highly-recommended tourist destinations.

Time Travel To Seoul’s Historic Places

Beautiful in all seasons, the Four Grand Palaces in Seoul are mesmerizing places to take a nice walk and bathe in the beauty of nature. Opt to don hanbok (Korean traditional dress) while you stroll along the palace grounds. Hanbok rental shops are sprawled nearby the palaces in affordable prices.

While its feasible to go to all palaces in one day, it’s better to divide and conquer. Take Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugung for one day. Then, pair Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung in another day.

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

Seoul’s grandest palace lets you immerse in its breathtaking landscape. It features picturesque vistas and houses two museums that give you the ultimate Korean history experience.

 2. Changdeokgung Palace

Albeit several reconstructions owing to war attacks, the beautiful palace stayed true to its original design. Additionally, its architectural design complements the nature vistas surrounding it.

3. Changgyeonggung Palace

Stunning in Spring, Changgyeongung Palace withstood multiple destruction and has been once converted to a modern park during Japanese colonial period.


4. Deoksugung Palace

Like the rest of the palaces which were ruined in the course of Korea’s history, Deoksugung Palace survived and kept a quarter of its original structure. Its key point is its fusion of modern and traditional elements.

5. National Palace Museum of Korea

For fans of Korean period dramas, the museum offers an extensive display of historical mementos from the Joseon era’s palace life.  From the founding of Joseon to the traces of Korean empire, learning history is quite interesting when you visit this museum.

6. Namsangol Hanok Village

Located in the central district of Seoul, Namsangol Hanok village is a Korean traditional village showcasing hanok houses. Get a glimpse of the authentic way of living during Korea’s antiquated times.

7. Jogyesa Temple

If looking for an activity to relax your mind, consider experiencing a temple stay. With Buddhism as one of the prevailing religions in South Korea, this is a must-do activity that lets you bask in tranquility.

8. Hwaseong Haenggung Palace

A palace used to shield the King and royal family during war, Hwaseong Haenggung palace is situated in Suwon. Popular Korean dramas Love in the Moonlight, Rooftop Prince, Tree With Deep Roots and more have been filmed in this quaintly designed palace.

9. Suwon Fortress

A citadel surrounding the provincial capital of Gyeonggi Province, Suwon Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage designated site built by King Jeongjo to honor the remains of his father Crown Prince Sado. Take a side trip in the nearby Hwaseong Haenggung palace and traditional market to maximize your trip in the area.

10. Insadong

Walk along the vibrant streets of Insadong while exploring South Korea’s art-centered district. If you still have time, head to Tapgol Park to unwind.

11. Bukchon Hanok Village

Walking uphill while appreciating the classic feel of Bukchon Hanok village make the experience perfect after a tour in Gyeongbok or Changdeok palaces. Preserved to showcase a 600-year old urban surroundings, the alleys and traditional house lets you feel the warmth of yesteryear.

Frolic in amusing theme park adventures

12. Everland

A day in Everland is always a magical experience. For traveling families, it should be included in your bucket list. Hoisting exciting and friendly rides, the young and young at heart will fully appreciate it. Albeit located in the outskirt of Seoul, a lot of tours and transportation options are offered to conveniently reach the place.

13. Lotte World + Lotte World Folk Museum

If traveling far does not work for you, Lotte World in Seoul is another theme park delight perfect for bonding moments with your loved ones. Thrilling rides indoors and outdoor lets you feel the rush of an adrenaline ride. Adding to that, a Korean Folk Museum featuring the key points of Korean history leaves a unique and engrossing activity.

14. Seoulland

Another theme park to include on your bucket list, Seoulland brightly appeals with its featured rides and activities. Located within the Seoul Grand Park premise, combining it with a visit to Seoul Zoo gifts you a fun-filled day tour.

15. Seoul Zoo + Seoul Zoo Sky Lift

A close encounter with adorable zoo animals and refreshing nature bathing experience await your presence at Seoul Zoo. Another family-friendly place that is easily accessible via Seoul Subway. Spice up your tour by availing the Seoul Zoo Skylift for a smooth and mind-clearing sight-seeing of the zoo’s stunning vistas.

16. Korean Folk Village

Designed to present South Korea’s traditional life and culture, a visit to Korean Folk Village fully immerses you in the country’s rich heritage. Additionally, interesting folk performances, recreational activities and ceremonies are also featured which even foreign travelers can enjoy.


Marvel as you raid Various Museums

17. Figure W Museum

Targeting toy collectors, awe at the extensive collections of toy collectibles at Figure W Museum. Revisit your childhood in this unique museum.

18. Alive Museum

Enjoy playing different emotions and photo poses in the interactive backgrounds of Alive Museum. After an energizing experience, you can sip some juice and pet fur beauties in the nearby Cat Cafe.

19. Cat Museum

While at Insadong area, sip some refreshing juice while petting adorable fur beauties in Cat Cafe Seoul. Within the area, Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze amuse well wits its entertaining activities.

20. COEX Aquarium

Over 40,000 sea creatures are hoisted by COEX Aquarium in Gangnam. It also features special exhibits and experience programs that children would definitely love.

21. SM Town Museum

For SM Entertainment artists’ fans, take a pilgrimage to this unique museum and trace the history of your favorite K-Pop artists. Hoard merchandise at the in-house merchandise store then munch on some sweet treats in the cafe inside the building. Wrap up your K-Pop fan adventure by watching hologram concerts at SM Town Theater.

22. National Museum of Korea

Immerse on the rich culture and history of South Korea by going to its flagship museum. Established in 1945, it displays extensive relics and artifacts ranging from Paleolithic Age to early-20th century Korea.

23. Aiins World

Located in Bucheon, this unique theme park features miniature recreations of globally famous landmarks. Take a tour around the world as you stroll along this theme park.


Experience unique places & activities

24. Running Man Thematic Experience

Unleash your inner Running Man by solving puzzles and cryptic games at Running Man Thematic Center.

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul_Hellokpop_Running_Man_Thematic_Center

25. Starfield Library

After engrossing in COEX Aquarium and SM TOWN Museum, take a quick rest while skimming books at Starfield Library. Score a selca with the vast library in the background.

26. Gangchon Rail Park

Passing through interesting tunnels, the unique nature ecperience takes you to a refreshing bike trip that can be enjoyed with your loved ones. Pair it up with a visit to other stunning destinations in Gapyeong like Nami Island or Jade Garden.

27. Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

Head to Gapyeong for a day trip in South Korea’s Swiss-themed village. Marvel at the elaborate design of houses and small gardens.

28. E-Land Cruise

With various add-ons to tweak this sailing adventure, pick on a story or music themed cruise. Take advantage of the buffet dining experience offered by Ashley restaurant.

29. 63 Square + Aqua Planet

In Yeouido, taking time to explore 63 Square leads you to a fulfilling day tour. The towering building houses Aqua Planet and 63 Art. Boasting aquarium views of breathtaking sea creatures, indulge on penguin and mermaid shows presented in Aqua Planet.

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul_63_Square

30. 63 Art + Hangang River City View

After an adorable time at Aqua Planet, move to the top of 63 Square to where a collection of art display is in store for you. Aside from that, a marvelous city view of Hangang park can also be viewed while sipping some drinks offered in the nearby cafe.

31. Samcheongdong

Hip and vibrant, the free-spirited vibe of the neighborhood loaded with charming cafes calls for a serene vibe to have warm chats with your loved ones.


32. Seoul City Bus Tour

On-board a bus, take panoramic and downtown tour to see Seoul city highlights. Equipped with audio guide, take advantage of its hop-on-hop-off feature that can take you to key tourist attractions in Seoul.

33. Petite France

Often bundled with Nami Island and Garden of the Morning Calm, the colorful miniature French village is often the backdrop of famed Korean romance dramas.

34. Myeongdong Cathedral

Commanding with its presence, Myeongdong Cathedral easily draws calming mood. Before embarking on your Myeongdong adventure, utter some prayer in the church.

35. Odusan Unification Observatory

An alternative tour if you want a glimpse of North Korea, Odusan Unification Observatory features an educational drive towards the unification of two Koreas. Observation decks offer a wide view of Gaesong in North Korea.

36. Heyri Art Valley

Brimming with creatively designed houses and buildings, Heyri Art valley fascinates with its unique community powered by artists, writers and painters. Every nook and corner screams artistic vision that visitors can be impressed on.

37. N Seoul Tower

Whether to drink Mojito, admire the 360-city view or contribute to the rows of love locks; a few activities such as hanbok experience or a visit to Hello Kitty island make a visit to N Seoul Tower worth it.

38. Myeongdong

Lively and always busy, shopping district Myeongdong gives you the ultimate shopping experience. Apart from that, the scattered food options match and push your energy level while bargaining great deals from cosmetics, apparel, gadgets, K-Pop merchandise and more.


Be one with nature in South Korea’s scenic places

39. Nami Island

Teeming with breathtaking treeline and canopies, Nami Island is a haven that tourist would love in varying seasons. Pretend you are filming a Korean drama by renting a bike while you roam the place. Restaurant and snack kiosks also nestled in the island.



40. Garden of the Morning Calm

Just like its name, Garden of the Morning Calm soothes any visitor with its picturesque beauty. At all corners, you just have to frame your picture well and get an Instagram-ready photo. Be amazed on the display of gardens, tree canopies, and colorful topiary.

Image Credit: abbyinhallyuland | KTO website | UNESCO website

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