5 BVNDIT Songs To Spice Up Your Playlist This Summer

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BVNDIT’s music has the power to heal your soul. It also has the ability to make you jump around and dance like a K-Pop star.

The gorgeous quintet composed of Seungeun, Yiyeon, Songhee, Simyeong, and Jungwoo made their big spotlight debut in 2019, and had since created a sparkling repertoire of remarkable music.

Rising to fame with their melodious music and jaw-dropping visuals, this K-Pop group has proven that their name couldn’t be more suitable. They truly are bandits of hearts.

Since summer is in full swing, it’s high time to break out the floral summer dresses, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses to brave the heat and bask in the sunshine in style. Get your daily dose of vitamin sunshine (while practicing proper physical distancing, of course) with all the vital summer equipment, such as sunscreen, ice cream, lip balm, and your dance party soundtracks courtesy of BVNDIT!

If you need inspiration for your next dance playlist, we got you covered with 5 of BVNDIT’s most fiery tracks to cool down your hot summer days.

#1 Jungle

Who’s the queen of the jungle? When you listen to this sassy new track, you’ll find yourself immersed in a whole new tropical world, wherein you rule. The world’s a jungle, sometimes. That’s why we’ve got to learn to swing from vine to vine while we dance to this empowering anthem. So, we’ll ask you again, who’s the queen of the jungle? You are.

#2 Dumb

Unleash your inner Latina fierceness with the beach vibes brought about by “Dumb”. The hit song focuses on encouraging someone to make a move or move on. The straightforward, no-nonsense lyrics are the perfect match for the upbeat melody and for the singers’ charismatic vocals.

#3 Come and Get It

Have you been looking for the ideal song to start a conga line with all your friends? Well, the search is over, because BVNDIT says: “Come and Get It”.

#4 Hocus Pocus

Do you believe in magic? Because if you don’t, BVNDIT will make show you that it’s real. Play “Hocus Pocus” while you dance in front of your TV and sing like the neighbors are your audience.

#5 Cool

“Cool” isn’t just a cool song, it’s an empowering anthem that encourages girls to walk away from anyone who doesn’t treat them right. The message is conveyed via a playful beat and compelling music video full of symbolism and a whole lot of dancing! Play it cool and dance like everyone’s watching, because the world is your stage.

Source: Stone Music | MNH Entertainment