5 Hilarious Moments From C-CLOWN’s #hashtag

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C-CLOWN recently made a fierce comeback with Let’s Love. The charismatic boys sat down for a fun interview with 1theK‘s original series, #hashtag.

Below are 5 hilarious moments from the interview.

Let’s Meet!

lets meet

1. The risk of wearing a tank-top.

tank top

2. Butts, butts everywhere.


3. Are we derpy enough now?


4. The splendid cover of ‘Catallena’ by Orange Caramel.


5. The not so energetic version of APINK’s NoNoNo.


Please give the humble boys of C-Clown lots of love!


Check out the full interview with English subtitles:

Catch their latest music video, Let’s Love:

Source: 1theK YouTube; Photo Credit: 1theK Facebook

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