5 Reasons To Watch “Kill Boksoon”

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At the recent press conference of Kill Boksoon, the lead stars and director shared interesting insights and filming stories.

Actors Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Kim Si A, Esom and Koo Kyo Hwan joined Director Byun Sung-hyun at the event.

Kill Boksoon is an action film following Boksoon, who leads a double life of an ordinary single mom and a legendary killer at a top-tier killing agency, MK Ent.

Ahead of the Netflix premiere on March 31, here are reasons why you should schedule a binge-watch for Kill Boksoon!

An Internationally Acknowledged Film

The film garnered attention by being officially invited to the 73rd annual Berlin International Film Festival for the Berlinale Special. Accordingly, Director Byun revealed being surprised at the invitation.

“I did not see it coming at all and I thought this film wasn’t the type of film that’d be invited to Berlin, because our film is rather a genre-show. I was deeply honored and delighted that we were invited to Berlin.”

He adds how the movie was screened at a really big theater with 1,800 seats. The audience raved over the movie. Thus, he felt happy that the story he created resonated with the audience.

Kill Boksoon

Jeon Do Yeon’s First Action Genre Challenge

Known for her unrivaled acting skills, Jeon Do Yeon seals another focal character in Kill Boksoon.

Elaborating on her preparation, Jeon Do Yeon talked about how she did not make any drastic changes to how she packaged her face as a killer and a mother. Director Byun utilized the different sides and angles of her face to show the duality of her character. She honestly conveys that physical effort was the real challenge when she was filming.

What was most challenging was that I really wanted to effortlessly carry out the action sequences, but my body just wouldn’t live up to my hopes. I wanted to do well so badly that I really pushed myself and tried to overcome my limits. While I really pushed myself, I still think I could have done better in some of the action scenes.

Nicely-Executed Creative Process

Conveying his creative intentions for Kill Boksoon, Director Byun referenced how contract killing is not something new. Thus, he tweaked it by conceiving the story of actors and movie sets.

Substituting actors with killers, he also paid tribute to Jeon Do Yeon and Sol Kyung Gu.

In the movie, they sometimes call assassins “knives”. And there is this one scene where Min-hee tells Min-kyu that old knives become dull and ultimately useless – referring to Boksoon. And Min-kyu replies by saying that dull knives hurt more. Those lines are my way of paying tribute to Do-yeon and Kyung-gu. I wanted to make sure it’s not too upfront and subtle, but I think it was too subtle so I wanted to bring it up today.

Director Byun also delineates the effort for the action scenes in the film. He worked hard and long with the stunt coordinator, director of photography, and production designer. The actors also had lots of training.

Intense Action Scenes

Speaking of the intense action scenes, the lead stars narrate their woes and keenness to commit to their roles.

I was quite scared and unsure but I kept telling myself that I have to pull it off no matter what. No matter what happens, I’m going to get this done. And I had to keep practicing because the set piece wasn’t me with the action team but me with the other actors, and sometimes the actors might get quite emotional once we’re rolling. So, we had to make sure that we had lots of practice so we don’t accidentally get anyone hurt. Also, director Byun prefers long takes when it comes to action sequences – while it was scary it gave me catharsis when I finished a scene. So, I have a lot of different feelings swirling inside me.” – Jeon Do Yeon

It was my first time working with a robot arm – we set it up and it moved accordingly. The setting took up to one hour and because the robot arm moves only in a fixed radius, the actors also had to do their actions within that radius. If we get too emotional, as Do-yeon said, and go overboard, then we might be hit by the robot arm and that is something we did not want so we were quite nervous at first. But later on, it was very interesting. So, we have some intense action scenes and these characters fight with their lives on the line but on the set, we had so much fun. I did see the film on the screen and I felt that our action scenes were crisp and light. Lethal but crisp.” – Sol Kyung Gu

We had lots of rehearsals. I felt like it was more like choreography than an action set-piece. So rather than doing things on our own, it was like a synchronized team dance. So, I really loved how we all worked as a team for those scenes.” – Koo Kyo Hwan

Director Byun Sung Hyun’s Brilliance

Putting forward the superb and meticulous directing of Director Byun, Jeon Do Yeon was amazed at his effort. She is usually one who would add her own color to her character. However, Director Byun has already plated everything for them. Later, she adapted to his style and ended up asking his opinions when she shot the scenes.

I’ve been acting for quite some time and I’ve been in many different projects; but every time I am in a new project, I have a thirst for a new experience. I want to go to a set and pull out a new side of me that I don’t even know. I realized that usually, directors would just let me be and see what kind of emotions flowed out of me, but Director Byun, had everything planned out, down to every detail including the way I move, how I tilt my head, and everything. So It was fun to try out this approach. I wouldn’t just be myself but I would tailor to the director’s detailed plan including the tilt of my face and my emotions. I was curious how it was going to turn out. It was very intriguing. Of course, it wasn’t easy in the beginning.

Agreeing with that, Sol Kyung Gu affirmed how Director Byun worked hard on pre-production, coming up with a storyboard.

If you look at the storyboard, you can basically see how the movie will unfold. He works on the storyboard multiple times, pouring so much effort into pre-production. So, when he shoots, he tries to stick to the storyboard. I mean there could be some scenes added, but mostly he sticks to the storyboard. When we look at the final cut, it’s basically the on-set edit version”.