5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Lee Seung Gi’s New Drama “Vagabond”

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From its explosive premiere, Vagabond, the new drama starring Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy hooks at first watch!

Kicking off on strong viewership ratings, Vagabond has been getting good reviews from the press. After the broadcast of the pilot episode, the series recorded over 1.78 million viewers nationwide according to Nielsen Korea, marking the highest viewership ratings in its time slot across all public broadcast networks.

Netflix - Vagabond

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Notably, the ratings soared to a peak during the suspenseful action scene where Lee Seung Gi’s character was fighting with a terrorist. The second episode continues to fare well in terms of TV ratings, maintaining the No.1 spot as the most-watched TV program in its time slot.

With all the hype the show is getting, you’re probably curious about “Vagabond” already. Still, here are more reasons why you should start watching the show.

1. A Different Side of Lee Seung Gi

Often portraying rich or powerful character, Lee Seung Gi has proven that he is a natural at portraying charismatic roles. Avid fans can attest to how he has nailed tsundere characters and how it’s hard not to fawn on how he immersed remarkably on complex personalities given to him.

However, in “Vagabond,” Lee Seung Gi showcases his more mature and caring side. Although his character, Cha Dal Gun, is still stubborn, his emotional bearing as a selfless uncle who would do anything for his nephew reels admiration effortlessly.


2. Lee Seung Gi did most of his stunts in Vagabond

Despite starring in many rom-coms, the actor always had a flair to star in an action genre. We’ve seen him do a fair share of fight scenes in Korean series like You’re All Surrounded, Gu Family Book, and Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey,” among others. He even portrayed an aspiring action star in the 2010 fantasy drama “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox.

From there, the actor blossomed to an actor who has broadened his acting range. His confidence to tackle a full-fledged action series is a result of hard work. For his new role in Vagabond, his role is sketched as a skilled martial artist and talented stuntman. Keen to bring out the best of his character, Lee commits to doing most of the stunt work – which are deemed difficult and dangerous. In behind-the-scenes clips, the actor was shown intensely focused in shooting the fight scenes. That is something fans should look forward to.


3. Reunion project between Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae

Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae already worked together in Gu Family Book. Those who loved their on-screen chemistry are in for a treat, as Suzy is Lee Seung Gi’s leading lady in Vagabond.

Suzy portrays NIS agent Goo Hae Ri who is in Morocco for a secret mission. Due to a plane crash, that took the life of Cha Dal Gun’s nephew, the two started to try and find out whether the incident is an accident or an act of terrorism.


4. Vagabond’s well-defined narrative overview 

Unlike other conspiracy-centered dramas, where the show tends to play mind games with the viewers, Vagabond lessens the suspense. It encourages the viewers to play detective with the main leads, thereby tugging the audience’ emotions. In the pilot week, a glimpse of the backstories of the people involved in the plane crash made the incident even more heart-wrenching. Establishing the relationship between the victims and the families left behind, the scene where the bereaved families cried in agony would certainly make anyone watching feel the harrowing sentiment of that moment.

Incidentally, the introductory episodes also presented the image of a hero to look forward to. Nailing the pictured risky stunts, Lee’s character affirmed his skills in the chase scene with the show’s predicted bad guy. Cha Dal Gun’s years of intense training made him resilient, so it’s no surprise if he can still stand up even after getting thrown off from a car. The fact that the writers created a solid backstory to confirm Cha Dal Gun’s ability to be on par with a NIS agent is what makes his character more realistic.

5. Powered by impressive showrunners

Tasked with the enormous responsibility to head Vagabond, Director Yu In Sik is more than capable to pull this off. Known for dramas like Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim, Mrs. Cop 1 and 2, You’re All Surrounded, Incarceration of Money and History of the Salaryman, PD Yu has an impressive drama history.

Penning the exciting action scenes and intricate mysteries and conspiracies are Jung Kyung Soon and Jang Young Cheol. Jung and Jang have worked with PD Yu in both Incarceration of Money and History of the Salaryman.  Meanwhile, the husband-and-wife writer also worked on Empress Ki together.
With a powerhouse creative team, more interesting plot twists await Vagabond.

Netflix - Vagabond

Vagabond Voyage in Manila

Currently airing via SBS TV, Vagabond is globally streamed on Netflix. The series premiered on September 20. It will still be on-going until Lee Seung Gi’s fan meeting in the Philippines on October 12 at the New Frontier Theater.

Tickets for “Vagabond Voyage” in Manila are still available via TicketNet.

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