5 Awesome Snacks Sold in Korean Movie Theaters

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If you thought Korean movie theaters only sold popcorn, you might be very surprised. There are so many kinds of snacks at Korean movie theaters that you would want to watch a movie everyday, just to try all the snacks. The snacks differ depending on the movie theaters. The big Korean movie theater chains are CGV, Lotte Cinema and Megabox. In some movie theaters you can get beer, too! Also in front of some movie ticket offices there might be privately owned snack bars, where you can buy other snacks not offered at the movie theater. Here are some of our favourite snacks you can buy at Korean movie theaters!

1. Churros

It’s your everyday normal churros but some movie theaters have started selling them with different fillings, like cream cheese. It’s popular among people, and not only in movie theatres but in amusement parks, too.

Churros Picture: Naver Blog scarlet117

Photo: Naver Blog scarlet117


2. Peanut butter grilled squid

This is another favorite among Korean people. It is really yummy because it is chewy, sweet and savory. It costs around $4 and the amount can seem too little for the price, as it’s so good! It might not be a good choice, though, when you’re on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, as it might leave some squid taste in the mouth.

Grilled peanut butter squid Picture: Naver wlstn4749

Photo: Naver wlstn4749


3. Nachos

If you get sick of eating popcorn at movie theaters, this can be the right choice. You can pour cheese topping over it and munch away as you enjoy your movie.

Nachos with cheese sauce Picture: Naver Blog scherzando11

Photo: Naver Blog scherzando11


4. Popcorn in many different flavors

Popcorn in Korean theaters can come in many different flavors. There are sweet, garlic, cheese, onion, and normal flavors. You can get two different flavors if you can’t choose!

CGV Popcorn in two flavors Picture: Naver Blog juon9137

CGV Popcorn in two flavors. Photo: Naver Blog juon9137


5. Pretzel

This pretzel is huge, with cream cheese filling in it. Korean people love sweet food and this pretzel is enough to fulfill your sweet tooth.

CGV Pretzel Picture: Naver Blog mings_

CGV Pretzel. Photo: Naver Blog mings_


What kind of snacks are sold at movie theatres in your country?

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