5 Thought Provoking Messages From Taeyeon About Life, Friendship & Self-Love

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Over a decade of presenting her gift, Taeyeon has been reinventing herself to an artist who genuinely wants to inspire with her music

Beautiful inside out, Taeyeon of iconic girl group Girls’ Generation, has carved a stable niche for her artistry. From sold-out albums and concerts, she continues to impress with hit solo tracks, drama and film OST contributions – as well as various music collaborations.

Going solo, the songstress sure knows what she wants to aspire. That transcends to the words she delivered in various magazine interviews and messages she imparted to her fans in her concerts.

Today, let’s learn about Taeyeon’s eloquence in acknowledging her weaknesses and strengthening her fortitude. At the same time, be inspired from take away lessons from her fascinating views and life-affirming messages.

On Being Grateful to fans…

Feeling thankful for the shower of blessings in the year 2019, Taeyeon told Allure that she still wants to try new things. The gratitude stems from the unyielding support she has been receiving from fans.

“There are many things to be thankful for. There seems to be a lot of support from fans so I can keep doing something. Communicating with the fans is the most important thing for me.”

On Keeping Friendship…

Gracing the pages of High Cut magazine’s 247th volume, Taeyeon mentioned her close bond with SNSD members. She relayed warm words about the girls.

“The members have always felt like my lifetime friends,” she remarks. “There are times where we get tired of work, but it’s during those times that we become each other’s comfort.”

The singer also revealed how proud she is to see each member succeeding in their solo careers. “I am so proud to see everyone doing well.”


On Finding Your Own Colors…

When asked about the differences since her debut to the Taeyeon she is today, the singer shared how she’s gained more confidence in being herself.

“Before I used to have a problem with liking how I looked,” she admitted. “Now, I’m trying to show my colors as they are. I’m going to be doing that a lot more this time, since there are so many new opportunities for me.”

On Having No Regrets…

Powering successful concert stages, the singer has always left inspiring thoughts for her dear fans to ponder. Just like what she did in her s…Taeyeon concert stop in Singapore.

“Today is the last concert, the concert is coming to an end. It is the concert that I  put a lot of hard work in, more than anything else. I put so much sincerity into preparing for it, so I feel a little bit sad that it’s ending.” 

She added that she doesn’t like to talk about the past. “What’s past will not come back again,” she emotionally said. The talented songstress felt sad that meeting her fans for the tour series was over.

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On Finding Time to Heal…

With such a busy schedule, Taeyeon makes sure that she has time to destress. In her YouTube channel she once shared how she finds time to take a break. She also shared a travel destination and the desire to go out and meet people because of his vlogging activities.

“I felt overwhelmed in Switzerland, where I went for a healing time. I was impressed by seeing Mother Nature because the stunning views looked like it was computer generated.”

The Unseen in Singapore

Embarking on her newest concert series, Taeyeon will return to Singapore as soon as the love month begins.

Singapore SONEs and her fans can watch her live at the Singapore Stadium on February 1.

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