5 Times Kim Go Eun Defined “Girl Crush” In “The King: Eternal Monarch”

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With sweetness alarm soaring for The King: Eternal Monarch, we can’t help but admire the amazing Jeong Tae Eul portrayed by Kim Go Eun

After six episodes, The King: Eternal Monarch has opened a whole new world that gets better each episode.

Admittedly, Lee Min Ho has kept the viewers on an alarming swoon index every chapter of the series. But, in nailing those dreamy scenes, he needed the perfect empress on-screen. Enter Kim Go Eun, playing the role of dauntless detective Jeong Tae Eul, who chanced upon a man who proclaimed himself as a King of her country’s parallel world.

Their chemistry is so far intoxicating in taking the audience to a fantasy romance treat like no other.

Swerving from the usual prototype of Korean drama heroines, Kim Go Eun has charmed the viewers with her no-nonsense attitude and bravery.

Ahead of the seventh episode of The King: Eternal Monarch, let’s look back on Jeong Tae Eul’s girl crush moments we can’t help but smile about.

She gave a new meaning to “girl power”

Having the world at its feet, Lee Gon has set his heart straight to a woman he yearned for 25 years even without meeting her yet. Finally when he did, she does not even need his protection. She knows what she wants and can take care of herself.

His adoration is sealed when his girl told him why she decided to go for a risky job. She said, not all people can be brave so she wants to be brave.

She is transparent with her emotions

Baffled at the handsome man who kept staking his claim on her, Jeong Tae Eul summoned patience to endure his science and technology blabs.

But there are times that her understanding runs out, and she does not hesitate to show it. Even to dashing emperor Lee Gon, whom she always call crazy bastard.

She always has her friends’ back

Fearless with skills to boot, Jeong Tae Eul does not back down to challenges. In times when trouble hits them because of their police work, she can even protect her friend Shin Jae.

Kim Go Eun The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch

She is oblivious of her charm

Appearing as strong and independent woman, her inner beauty and fortitude shine through. And so far, it is hitting Lee Gon hard.

Kim Go Eun The King: Eternal Monarch

She embraces romance without filter

As logical as she can be, Jeong Tae Eul knows how to enjoy love breeze and heart flutters. She does not backdown to Lee Gon’s seduction. Her acknowledgment of the mutual attraction they felt is such a refreshing breeze. A notable deviation from indecisive K-Drama heroines.

Kim Go Eun courageously delivered a fictional character who is on point in delivering sound decisions. The kind that women in real world can learn from. That is – not overthinking romance when the guy is sincere, smart and hot.

Kim Go Eun The King: Eternal MonarchKim Go Eun The King: Eternal Monarch

Jeong Tae Eul is definitely someone you would want in your squad! Unraveling more frames of her character that women can be inspired of is expected in the coming episodes.

The King: Eternal Monarch is available on Netflix with weekly episodes every Friday and Saturday at 10.30pm SGT.

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