5 Valuable Lessons That We Learned From “The World Of The Married”

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Along with the intense plot, The World Of The Married also gives an insight on the brutal realities of life.

The World Of The Married is the most popular drama in Korea right now. From achieving record-breaking viewership ratings to being the most talked about entertainment content, the drama has imparted a huge effect on the viewers.

The World Of The Married

The World Of The Married follows the life of a couple Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) who have been living a happy married life. But, one day everything crumbles down after an act of betrayal.

A highly engrossing drama, The World Of The Married is much more than just an infidelity story. It focuses on relationships, family, love, adapting to new changes, societal problems and much more.

With only two more episodes to go, we take a look into some of the valuable lessons that this drama has taught us.

1. There is no such thing as perfect life

Ji Sun Woo had everything in life that anyone could ask for – a husband who dotes on her, a lovable son, a highly fulfilling career, and some good friends. Turns out it was just a mirage with the truth being something else. The reality was so harsh that it ruined everything.

The World of the Married

Similarly, in the second half of the series, Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee) also was striving for a perfect life. She wanted it so badly that she went to the lengths of scheming, manipulating and spying. But when reality hit her, she realized her efforts were worth nothing.

2. Do not trust anyone blindly… Not even your closest friends

Aside from her cheating husband, what disappointed Ji Sun Woo the most was that she was betrayed by the people she trusted. Inspite of being aware that Lee Tae Oh was cheating on his wife, they kept mum about it.

Sul Myung Sook (Chae Gook Hee) went even a step further and aided Lee Tae Oh in keeping his secret. Later, she also planned to remove Sun Woo from her position at work.

The World Of The Married

3. Seeking retribution will not bring you happiness

After learning what her husband did behind her back, all Ji Sun Woo could think of was to make him suffer as much as she did. Crossing all the limits and boundaries, she did whatever she could to take away everything from him such as cheating on him, blackmailing and manipulating things in her favor.

Though at that time, she did not realize it but doing these things only brought her more pain. At the end, when she lost everything, these actions seemed futile.

The World of the Married

4. A toxic marriage has adverse effects on the children

When there is tension among the adults, the kids can sense it too. For a young kid, Lee Joon Young (Jeon Jin Seo) had to go through a lot. Firstly, he caught his father with the mistress. Then he had to see the graphic image of his father physically assaulting his mother.

Of course, all the events caused a psychological scar. While his parents were busy dealing with their own problems, he was struggling by himself.

The World Of The Married

5. Sometimes we need to experience the worst to know who is our true ally

With his mother being busy with work all the time, Joon Young naturally spent more time with his father. Therefore, he also has stronger affinity towards Tae Oh. Though, it was Tae Oh’s fault since he cheated, Joon Young was harsher towards his mother.

The worst of it all was when Joon Young told Sun Woo that it would be better if she disappeared. But when Joon Young really needed someone, it was Sun Woo who rushed towards him thus, proving that she cared for him the most.

The World Of The Married

Recently, The World Of The Married became the cable drama with the highest viewership ratings. In its most recent episode, the drama recorded 24.3% nationwide and 26.8% in the metropolitan area.

The 15th and 16th episodes of The World Of The Married will air this Friday and Saturday at 10.50 PM KST via jTBC.

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