51 Adorable Things About So Ji Sub That Reflects His Wit & Humor

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Happy Birthday So Ji Sub!

As swag actor-rapper So Ji Sub celebrates another blessed season, we look back on his eventful 2019 with a smile. Just like an aged wine, the dapper artist continues to adore his fans with sweet gifts through his projects.

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To celebrate his birthday, we look back to share a segment from his “Hello” fan meeting where he revealed candid and adorable moments about him.

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In one of So Ji Sub’s fan meeting this year, fans were entertained with a video of the actor candidly answering trivial questions delightfully. For every wrong or unanswered question, he got penalties, wearing crazy fun hats and accessories.

Q1: Who are you?
A: I am actor So Ji Sub

Q2: Did you have your meal?
A: Yes, I already ate a while ago.

Q3: Which do you hate more, Work out or Diet?
A: Diet

Q4: What do you usually do on rest days?
A: Workout!

Q5: Where do you usually go on rest days?
A: Gym!

Q6: What do you bring with you other than your phone, wallet and key?
A: Then nothing <insert So Ji Sub giggles>

Q7: What game did you play recently?
A: Gun Game

Q8: What song did you listen to recently?
A: Failed to answer

Q9: What song do you sing when you go to noraebang (Karaoke bar)?
A: I don’t go to noraebang.

Q10: Why not?
A: thinking… failed to answer… penalty

Q11: Any drinking habits?
A: I just go home.

Q12: Can you show us your home?
A: Do I have to?

Q13: What tourist spot in Seoul do you recommend?
A: 51K office <laughed at his answer>

Q14: Top excellence award, did you frankly go for that award?
A: Not to be greedy… But I did anticipate it a little bit.

Q15: Who is more handsome, Yoo Seung Ho or So Ji Sub?
A: Seung Ho is handsome. But I am attractive <poker I-am-hot face, beams at his remark>

Q16: If you are a woman, would you date Yoo Seung Ho?
A: Why should I think about this? (Director’s comment: So Ji Sub thinking seriously)

Q17: What do you want to say to the young So Ji Sub?
A: Work hard and do your best

Q18: What is the role you are most attached to?

A: I think all actors have similar thoughts about this. Eventhough I have a particular character I am attached to, I am what I am right now. Because I have done all those previous works all characters are precious to me.

Q19: Which actress is beautiful in person?
A: Too many

Q20: Follow up question: Please choose only one.
A: As I told you, too many! <audience laughed>

Q21: Which type do you like most among the two: woman who cooks or woman who exercises
A: I think I like the one who exercises as a hobby

Q22: Which type do you like between the two: understanding woman or a woman with a lot of aegyo
A: Understanding person

Q23: A person I like or a person who likes me
A: failed to answer… said it was difficult

Q24: Pure woman or sexy woman
A: I think it’s better if they have both. (Director side comment: But we want to know)
A: Pure woman for now

Q25: Twice versus Red Velvet
A: For me Blackpink

Q26: Do you like skinship
A: Yes, I Do. <with conviction>

Q27: Were you betrayed by a woman before?
A: WHAT??! What do you mean by betrayed?

Q28: Is your love cell alive this 2019?
A: I am always alive.

Q29: Who do you think will get married later So Ji Sub or Song Seung Heon?
A: I think the older brother who is one year older should get married first?

Q30: Do you want to get married?
A: I still want to get married.

Q31: In your raps, what is your most favorite?
A: <rapper So Ji Sub dropped his head> I cannot answer.

Q32: What makes you happier? Rank No. 1 in a music chart or best selling book.
A: I think if I get no. 1 in a music chart would be good. Should I ask IU?

Q33: Thriller versus romantic comedy
A: Romantic comedy

Q34: Soybean versus kimchi stew
A: Soybean

Q35: Is there any threatening junior actor or actress?
A: None

Q36: Hip hop clubs or EDM clubs
A: I don’t go to clubs

Q37: Watch versus bracelet
A: Watch

Q38: Cream pasta versus tomato pasta
A: Aglio Olio

Q39: Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise
A: Brad Pitt

Q40: To guest on Radio Star or Knowing Brothers?
A: I won’t do both. I think it is really awkward. Entertainment shows seem stressful

Q41: Tteokbokki or Sundae
A: Tteokbokki

Q42: Jjajangmyeon or Jampong
A: Jjangmyeon

Q43: Forever meat or forever vegetables only
A: You will die, it’s dangerous

Q44: Who did you spend your New Year’s party?
A: Seung Heon hyung

Q45: Which has a higher possibility? Showing your family or your house?
A: I will not do both

Q46: Kiss or peck
A: For me I like peck

Q47: Why?
A: Because you can do peck anytime conveniently. But a kiss you cannot do it any time, and a peck can be done anywhere.

Q48: Have you tried searching your name online?
A: I think I do it everyday

Q49: Do you put comments?
A: <laughed hard> NO!

Q50: Any memorable fan support/cheer?
A: During the recent fan meeting spoke with a bit of a louder voice saying she felt happy after watching my works and acting. I felt happy when I heard that.

Q51: Is there anything you want to say to the fan who came today?
A: Have fun today and I hope it will become a happy memory.


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