7 Ballads That Prove Girls’ Generation Are More Than Just Pretty Faces

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August marks another achievement for South Korea’s national girl group, Girls’ Generation!

This month they are celebrating their 7th year in the entertainment industry despite many K-pop critics saying the average span of a K-pop group is five years.

You probably know them from their pop anthems such as Gee, Genie, Oh, Hoot , I Got A Boy and Mr. Mr. but the girls have a lot more to offer aside from their infectious dance hooks.

They also have numerous slower songs that would pull a few heart strings and prove that they are more than just beautiful faces.

Here are 7 ballads that  you should listen to:


“Everyday Love” is from their third Japanese studio album Love and Peace, the song highlights Girls’ Generation’s vocal range. The way they hit those high notes, particularly the chorus, would really make your jaw drop.

The melody is also so catchy that you would want to listen to it over and over again. The rap part of Sooyoung is also crisp and seamless.


This song is from their 4th EP Mr. Mr., a sweet slow tempo song accompanied by beautiful voices. The first few notes of the song is enough make you listen to it till the end. Another thing to watch out for are Hyoyeon and Yoona’s contribution on the song.


This song proves that Girls’ Generation are not just good dancers and entertainers, but also musically talented.

Composed by Yuri herself, the song talks about a mistake of not loving someone fairly or wholeheartedly. Watch how Yuri sings her part awesomely and Jessica doing the adlibs beautifully!


Another Japanese song from their 1st Japanese studio album Girls’ Generation. Indulge in the pureness of their voices where there’s not so many high belting notes, but enough to captivate listener. Sooyoung even shed some tears in this song.


Listening to this made me realize why Taeyeon got teary every time she listened to it. Written as a thank you gift for their fans, relaying the message that Girls’ Generation and SONE are indestructible and the other can’t live without the other. One of the many things to love about this song is how Tiffany incredibly hit the high notes using her husky voice.


It might not be sung by all nine members, but Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun gave justice to this song. SNSD-TTS or TaeTiSeo really complemented each others voices, from the melodic voice of Taeyeon, to the harmonious voice of Seohyun and the husky cool vocal of Tiffany.

Listen to the performance and see how Taeyeon almost loses herself singing her parts, not to mention that “jaebal” part of Seohyun.


I have no more words to describe this song, just watch it. I get a little teary whenever I see Jessica almost unable to sing the last part of the song because she is so in-touched with her fans.

SONE makes can make their life complete and Girls’ Generation can make their life complete.



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