7 Hairstyles To Remember: The G-Dragon Edition

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We know him as a rap prodigy, a gifted songwriter, and, perhaps most notably, a fashion icon.

G-Dragon, leader of BIGBANG, knows no limits when it comes to style, and certainly not when it comes to his ever-changing hair.

Here are just a few of G-Dragon’s most memorable hairstyles – a full list would probably go on forever!

1. Heartbreaking blonde

G-Dragon opted for a shocking platinum blonde with the release of his first solo album, Heartbreaker, in 2009.

It was a dramatic move at the time, but became and remains a fan favourite – the star himself admits to having a personal attachment to this look!

G-Dragon Heartbreaker Hairstyle

2. The “Seaweed”

Also referred to as The Weave, this look became iconic back in 2012, with BIGBANG’s release of Fantastic Baby.

Technically, it would be more accurate to call it a series of hairstyles, as the colour of his extensions was constantly changed.

Which colour was your favourite?

3. The Afro

This frizzy little ’fro graced the scalp of our style king during his 2010 sub-unit promotions with band mate T.O.P, raising a few eyebrows.

An up-sized version made a comeback with Michigo, complete with a comb.


4. The Buzz Cut

Jiyong gave his hair a bit of a break during 2011 when he shaved it all off!

Reactions were definitely mixed about the unexpectedly short hairstyle, even sparking rumours about military enlistment. But hey, I’m sure his hair wasn’t complaining.

5. Party in Pink

Living up to his reputation as a fashion icon, G-Dragon sported this bright pink at Rick Owens Fashion Show in Paris, back in 2012, as well as in a number of pictorials.

In my opinion, he totally nailed it with the equally-difficult-to-pull-off middle parting!


6. The Ponytail

Oh, but it wasn’t always flashy colours and buckets of hair product.

With his hair left long and tied back into a simple knot, Jiyong showed a much softer, romantic side of himself in BIGBANG’s My Heaven music video in 2009.

7. “Cruella de Vil”

G-Dragon certainly turned heads when he rocked up to the Gaon Charts K-pop Awards 2013 with this look, which reminded many of the villainess in 101 Dalmatians.

The unruly half-black, half-white, shoulder-length do was admittedly a big miss with fans – but it sure did make a statement.



Which G-Dragon hairstyle do you remember most – was it a hit or a miss?

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