7 Reasons To Watch Start-Up

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Looking for a boost of inspiration? Then turn on your TV, because you need a dose of tvN’s highly-engrossing K-Drama, Start-Up!

Start-Up traverses the excitement of following your dreams, the catastrophic ripple effect of telling lies, and the crossroads of love and career choices.

With the hope of achieving her dreams in the world of technology, Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) takes her first steps into the daunting world of business startups. She has proven to be a true girl boss who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Suzy stars alongside other amazing Korean actors, including Kim Seon Ho, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kang Ha Na, Kim Hae Sook, Stephanie Lee, and Song Seon Mi, among others.

Start-Up has crossed the middle part of its story and has already built a fandom of dreamers and shippers. This show is ideal for brilliant minds who have the ambition to chase their dreams tirelessly and for those who need a nudge to pluck up the courage to do so. If you have spent sleepless nights raving about this K-Drama, then you better fist bump us, because same!

However, if you haven’t jumped onto the Start-Up bandwagon yet, it’s our duty to influence you otherwise. That’s why we compiled this very convincing list of reasons to watch this phenomenal Korean series. Come to the Start-Up side, because you get be inspired about the life at Sand Box and it has Kim Seon Ho to mentor you in good and bad times… (Yes, mild spoilers ahead!)

1. Halmeoni Choi


Thanks to Start-Up, one theory has officially been confirmed: Grandmas are fairy godmothers! Halmeoni Choi Won Deuk (Kim Hae Sook) portrays the role of a loving grandmother who would go to extreme lengths to protect her granddaughter, Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy). She even keeps up a fifteen-year-old untruth that entangles several people in a web of white lies gone wrong. All that aside, this halmeoni is a really cool person who can whip up a mean corndog!

2. Han Ji Pyeong’s Success Story

Han Ji Pyeong’s (Kim Seon Ho) childhood was anything but sunshine, but with some help from a kind stranger, he stumbled upon solace until he climbed the ladder of success. Fast forward to the future, and he’s found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A success story, indeed! However, will he have someone to share it all with? Ooh, we’re rooting for him!

3. Seo Dal Mi versus Won In Jae


Seo Dal Mi and Won In Jae (Kang Ha Na) propel sibling rivalry to new heights as they battle it out in the corporate world of startups. Carrying grudges from their youth and other emotional baggage, these two sisters will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams. it’s In Jae Company versus Samsan Tech. Experience versus perseverance. Who will reign supreme at Sandbox?

4. Samsan Tech

Stemming from humble beginnings, Samsan Tech thrives in the world of artificial intelligence. What truly sets them apart from the competition is that this quintet isn’t just in it for the profit; they’re in for the greater good. Is Sandbox ready for them?

5. The Love Triangle


Which team will you be on? Team Nam Do San or Team Han Ji Pyeong? Both leading men have positive qualities that make them boyfriend material, but how’s a girl going to choose when both are masters at lying? Tsk. We won’t reveal too much, but at least one of them lied for good reasons…

6. Jung Sa Ha

If you think that Jung Sa Ha (Stephanie Lee) looks more like a supermodel than a graphic designer for an AI company, then welcome to the club. Her sassy behavior, sarcastic comments, quick wit, and elegant beauty are more than enough reasons to make Startup your weekend habit.

7. Yeong Sil

Yeong Sil is a cutting-edge AI assistant that may not always understand your questions, but he somehow always has the right answers. Call it coincidence, call it expert foreshadowing, but when Yeong Sil gives Han Ji Pyeong his fortune for the day, it’s rarely a misfire. He even unwittingly offers words of wisdom once in a while. He’s a true blue digital best friend. Where can we order a Yeong Sil for ourselves?

Generally, this K-Drama reminds us that no matter your age, no matter your status, no matter the size of your dreams, just go for it, because the world is our very own sandbox. Catch brand new episodes every week on tvN and Netflix.

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