7 Reasons Why SEVENTEEN Captured Carats With Their Admirable Bond As Brothers

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SEVENTEEN’s remarkable synergy is definitely their biggest and strongest weapon as a team!

Known as one of the most sought-after idol bands in the world today, South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN is continuously capturing the hearts of carats with their variety of charms.


Formed by Pledis Entertainment, the multi-talented group is composed of thirteen members namely S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, Seungkwan, DK, Vernon, and Dino.

The boys made their grand entrance in the K-Pop scene back in 2015. From performing “Shining Diamond” in front of a small crowd to conquering the global stage with Diamond Edge, the thirteen shining idols have, no doubt, grown into a global powerhouse, racking up impressive record sales both domestically and overseas.

Currently, the boys are busily preparing for their ongoing concert series. Titled Ode to You, the idols officially kicked off their second world tour with three opening concerts in Seoul in August 2019. They also recently finished the four-city tour of their Japan leg, and their highly-awaited concerts in Jakarta and Bangkok in November.

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In anticipation of SEVENTEEN’s next stop Ode To You in Manila concert happening on February 8, 2020 at the Mall of Asia Arena, we give you the list of seven instances that showed the unbreakable chemistry of the group.

#1 SVT: Thirteen Members, Three Units, One Group

SEVENTEEN is not your ordinary K-Pop group! Their band’s name speaks a lot about their admirable teamwork. In particular, the group’s name signifies the thirteen self-producing idols, the three units namely dance, hiphop, and vocal, and the one unbreakable team of SVT.


Though they have such a huge group, the boys are still considering their large number as an advantage. Additionally, the members are seeing their specialized units as an opportunity for themselves to showcase their forte and give various stages.

#2 Impressive Synchronization

SVT is best known for its specific powerful charm – impressive synchronization. Truth be told, the male idol group from Pledis Entertainment is continuously wowing everyone with their fascinating moves.

To name one of their captivating performances, the group was able to show off their amazing synchronized dance routines through their well-loved track “Don’t Wanna Cry” even at twice its speed on Weekly Idol in 2017.

#3 Heaven-like Harmony

Aside from impressing Carats with their choreos, SEVENTEEN is also acknowledged by many for their heaven-like harmony.

Recognized as the group’s trusted vocal unit, Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, Seungkwan, and DK are undoubtedly stealing everyone’s hearts with their honey-like voices. Though only five members from the team are part of the vocal unit, the remaining eight idols are likewise trusted to providing ample balance and swag to SVT!

#4 Gamely Dissing Each Other

Believe it or not but SEVENTEEN is good at teasing their fellow members too! In a previous episode of Idol Room, the group gamely participated in a dissing game. Promoting for several years now, the boys proved how well they know their team as they adorably teased their members.

Probably the most iconic one is when DK also known as “MC Doul” answered back to Seungkwan’s proud moment with nothing but love and praises.

#5 Responsibly Preparing Meals Together

Housewife Mingyu to the rescue! Remember the time when SEVENTEEN filmed their very exciting reality show One Fine Day: 13 Castaway Boys? Though faced with several challenges during their trip, the boys were still able to work together as one and survived the island.

While doing the said reality show, one of the major tasks for the group is to prepare their meals. The idols showed off their amazing teamwork by dividing their responsibilities. Some are in charge of fishing, while others oversee cooking, and the rest are responsible for cleaning. Aren’t they just the most reliable group ever?

#6 Orderly Lining Up In Doing Make-ups

Ever wondered how the thirteen boys are taking turns in getting their make-ups done? SEVENTEEN has a very playful and efficient trick!


Before hitting the stage with their overflowing energy and mesmerizing performances, they first make sure that their visuals are on-point as well. While preparing for awards shows, variety show guestings, and other events, the idols usually plays a game to determine the order of their make-ups. The losers of the game will have to get ready earlier, while the winners will get more time to rest.

#7 Celebrating every milestone with Carats

Perhaps the most precious of all is the consistency of SEVENTEEN in making sure that they bring back all the love to their beloved carats! From securing their first music show win, celebrating their first to fourth debut anniversary, to bagging their very first daesang, and achieving other milestones – the boys always recognize the power of their fans!


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And there you have it! Aside from our short list, there are surely a lot more reasons why Carats admire the remarkable bond of SEVENTEEN as brothers.

Furthermore, Filipino Carats should ready their hearts and passionate cheers as Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, Seungkwan, DK, Vernon, Dino, and hopefully with S. Coups, will make the love month even lovelier with their nearing concert party at the MOA Arena on February 8!

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