7 Reasons Why TAEYANG Will Be An Awesome Dad

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Some of you might say TAEYANG of BIGBANG is still too young for parenthood, but we dare to disagree! The soulful singer has recently become attached to Tablo’s daughter Haru on the reality show Superman is Back, and we think one day he will make an amazing dad. Here’s why!

#1 His best friend loves him to death

What do you need to be a wonderful father? First of all, you need to be a wonderful person. And who else could attest to that, if not your best friend? G-Dragon and TAEYANG are known to be the best of pals, and in an radio interview the BIGBANG leader even broke into tears when talking about how much TAEYANG’s friendship means to him, which reflects on TAEYANG’s good natured personality a lot.

#2 He is wise and mature

If you have been following his interviews recently, you may agree with us that TAEYANG has depth. The way he talks and what he talks about is meaningful, shows that he really does spend time on figuring himself out. That’s important not only for being an artist but also for being a father. You need to know yourself, your capabilities and limits, to be able to nurture a new life. For example, check out this interview he did.

20140724 Taeyang2


#3 He is strong but gentle

Taeyang is not only physically strong, but mentally as well. He admittedly he has been through a lot of hardships, and he always emerged as a winner. Despite his strong looks recently, with his growing admiration for tattoos and following G-Dragon’s steps into extreme fashion, he remains a cheerful, gentle, quiet guy. Not a bad combination for a future father!

#4 He always talks about it

Whenever there is a question about his future, he always mentions becoming a dad. In this video he hilariously states, in English, that he wants to become a “dad by accident”. Naughty, naughty TAEYANG!

20140724 taeyang1

#5 He has the vibe

He becomes a happy puppy around children and looks adorable holding kids. As if he were born to hold them.

20140724 taeharang

20140724 taeyanggirl

#6 He has ‘that’ look

During an episode of Superman is Back, Tablo made a remark, he noted that TAEYANG looks at Haru as if she were his own daughter, and told the blushing singer that he needed to marry already. Watch it below, from the 3:20 minute mark:

#7 Even his own bandmates acknowledge it

In a 2012 interview, when asked who would make the best dad out of BIGBANG, the members pointed at TAEYANG straight away. Daesung commented that Taeyang is reliable and gives amazing advice.

Do you agree that TAEYANG would make an amazing dad one day?

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