7 Soft GOT7 Songs That Will Leave Your Heart In A Love Loop

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We’ve got nothing but love for these GOT7 tracks which never fail to make us fall in love.

Although GOT7 has been known best for their intense and powerful hip hop tracks and dances, the group has also proven their ability in leaving fans completely smitten with their sweet serenades.

With their wide array of soft romantic songs that will surely win your heart, we collected seven of our favourites that will definitely leave you in some sort of a love loop while listening:


“You Are”

“It’s a beautiful sky”, indeed – especially when we hear GOT7 croon about how different the world feels because of the person they love. Jackson’s rap verses just straight out charm the life out of us, and everyone’s visuals in its music video just make us breathless at the same time as well. Also – how can one not fall in love with Youngjae when he sings the way he does in this song though?


Released in 2017 as one of the B-side tracks for the mini-album Flight Log: Arrival, “Sign” has easily earned its way in our hearts with its lyrics that just make our feelings ache so much. A line like “I’m a fool who only thinks about you/ I can’t do anything without you/ At the end of my long days, you used to be there/ But now I’m all alone, don’t let go of me” is literally the only sign we need to know that this song will snatch our hearts from its current place.

“Let Me”

“Let Me” never fails to give us butterflies in our stomach because of the utterly heart-fluttering feeling its lyrics portray – and having it capped off with such a dreamy melody doesn’t help either. This song definitely poses as a cute serenade to confess your love to someone – something that we imagine GOT7 doing as they belt out lines like “Baby let me hold your hand/ Will you stay by my side?” and “Will you hold my hand baby? I’ll hold you wherever you are/ Please don’t go/ I will take care of you baby, I will make memories every day”.

“I Won’t Let You Go”

Who would ever want to let GOT7 go, anyway? This latest Japanese single from the group makes us want to hold on to them even more as they sing about wanting to give their all with lines like “I need you in my life, like the beating of my heart, I really need you/ You are touching my heart/ I won’t let you go” with such raw emotions that just tug on our heartstrings.


The way Jackson opened the song, and Yugyeom smoothly singing his lines, always gives us some kind of feeling that always almost makes our hearts stop beating. How can it not, when the boys sing about wanting to engrave

“Forever Young”

We would also want to stay forever young if it means being in love with GOT7 for our entire lifetime! Singing about young love, the septet made us reminisce the first times our hearts beat, especially with lines as cute as “You’re my best of the best no one I ever had” and “‘I’ll sing you my song so you can think of me”.

“Confession Song”

The title says it all – “Confession Song” is about trying to find the courage, along with the right words, to admit one’s love. Besides the sweet track, “Confession Song” belongs to our list of favourites thanks to the very cute music video it comes along with.

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