7 Soothing K-Pop Songs Which Will Definitely Bring Your Mood Up

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For the people who seek comfort in music, here is a short list of uplifting songs!

Sometimes the best remedy for a mood drop, a bad day or a tough time is hidden in the right song. Luckily, K-Pop has a lot of genres and options to choose from in order to find the healing music number which one needs. Here, we offer a small list of comforting and mood-lifting songs to listen to when a person needs a little brightening of their day.

We are presenting various genre choices and artists which might be just to your liking. Hoping you enjoy the musical gems gathered in this list and that if you are having a somewhat bad day, that they will help turn it around for the better!

1. Monsta X – Stand Up

The incredibly talented group Monsta X has the perfect song to lift people’s moods with. Coming from the boys’ album FANTASIA X released back in May, “Stand Up” is a lively track created to give energy to everyone in need.

In particular, member Joohoney had a big role in the creation of this magnificent track, along with I.M, who helped write the uplifting lyrics. The song reassures that there is always hope, no matter how hard or depressing times get. Just like the sun will rise tomorrow, we have to stand up and continue with new strength.

“Everybody, Stand up,” because good things will come find you, no matter what!

2. Taeyeon – I

Taeyeon is one of the best female vocalists, with her unique, powerful and easily recognized voice. She made her debut as a soloist in 2015 with the first album I. We are adding the title song of the same name to this list because of its strong and touching vibes.

Taeyeon herself participated in writing the lyrics to this lovely piece. In addition, she collaborated with hip-hop musician Verbal Jint to give the song its completeness. Also, the track was portrayed not only through the emotional vocals, but also with a music video which captivates with its simple but inspiring plot.

For anyone in need of a little light and reminder about their dreams and who they are, “I” is the perfect song!

3. SHINee – A-YO

A fun song to listen to when the day seems to be going only down is SHINee’s colorful “A-YO”. The song came out in the group’s second Album Lucifer back in 2010 and was also featured in the repackaged version Hello. 

The lyrics invite the listener to lean on the rhythm in order to forget their worries. This song is cute and playful, allowing people to relax while listening to it. A person can easily recharge while swaying along to the beat and even singing the catchy lyrics.

“Everyone, A-Yo, everyone, A-Yo!”

4. Lee Hi – Breathe

Some people may prefer songs which touch their hearts on a different emotional level than the lively music numbers. Being in touch with their feelings may be exactly what they need in order to feel better eventually.

For them, we included Lee Hi’s “Breathe”, a beautiful piece full with the artist’s sentimental vocals. The song tells that it is fine to make mistakes, because there is not a person who does not. One needs to take a moment to breathe in order to continue on with his or her life.

5. ATEEZ – Sunrise

A lot of people, regardless of age, have doubts or moments in which they want to give up. At those times, they do not need a lot, just a little confirmation that they are doing well and that it is already good enough.

ATEEZ’s “Sunrise” is made just for these people and for those times filling them with uncertainty. The lyrics bring the comfort one seeks when everything seems hopeless. They encourage people to stop worrying and continue their lives, while letting them know they did great and that, eventually, others will recognize it as well.

Like the song says, “Just keep it up!”

6. Siyeon of Dreamcatcher – Paradise

Continuing on with the tracks containing supportive messages, we present to everyone’s attention this beautiful piece titled “Paradise”. It is performed by Dreamcatcher’s main vocalist, Siyeon, who perfectly delivers this emotional song.

The artist created the single with the message of consolation to people who feel oppressed by their repeated daily lives. Also, it focused on loneliness which creeps in uninvited and tries to wash it away through the lyrics, portrayed by the powerful vocals.

 7. With Woollim – Relay

Woollim Entertainment released this special song, which is a collaboration between the company’s artists. “Relay” is a gift for fans everywhere and it was created with the goal of delivering a hopeful message to music lovers.

The vocals of each participant blends and switches perfectly between one another to deliver the soothing and up-lifting lyrics. This inspiring piece was brought to life thanks to the girls from Lovelyz and Rocket Punch, the outstanding lead vocal of Infinite, Kim Sung Gyu, the rising stars Golden Child and the talented Woollim Rookies.

As the lyrics say, “You are not alone, I am by your side!”

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Image credits: Starship, SM, KQ and Happy Face Entertainment