7 Ways to Look Like Orange Caramel

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Orange Caramel‘s recently released single, My Copycat, which has become a fun and catchy dance hit. The girls of Orange Caramel are known for their unique fashion styles in each of their various concepts. Their costumes are some of the most quirky yet adorable outfits which never fail to fascinate fans.

Have you ever wondered how to dress up like Lizzy, Raina and Nana? Here is a list of Orange Caramel’s eccentric fashion tastes and styling tips over the years.

1. Polka dots are a traditional yet instant favourite.

polka dots
Magic Girl (2010) Image: YouTube

catallenaCatallena (2014) Image: YouTube


2. You must look as if you have walked out of a fairytale story or a Disney movie.

Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland in Aing~ (2010)

Frozen characters in My Copycat (2014)

3. Having matching hairdos with your friends adds extra glamour and fun.


matching haido
Bangkok City (2011) Image: YouTube

matching haido 2
Shanghai Romance (2011) Image: YouTube

4. Big bows are a simple and cute addition to any outfit, no matter how you wear them!

nana hairbow
Magic Girl (2010) Image: YouTube

orange caramel bowsLipstick (2012) Image: YouTube

5. Dress up like iconic celebrities.

Bruce Lee in Shanghai Romance (2011)

Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe in My Copycat (2014)


6. Food, glorious food! Who wouldn’t want to look like their favourite foods?

Catallena (2014)

lizzy strawberries

Abing Abing (2014) Image: YouTube

7. Try out some bold approaches to make your eyes stand out.

eyelashes 2
Catallena (2014) Image: YouTube

 orange caramel eyes
My Copycat (2014) Image: YouTube

Would you be brave enough to use some of Orange Caramel’s crazy yet cute styling tips? Which ones are your favourite and would you love to use?

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