8 Korean Dramas With A Dozen Episode To Satisfy Your Weekend K-Drama Binge Plan

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K-Drama marathon is best served on weekends because it gives ample time to sleep after a sweet story binge.

Realistically speaking, finishing one K-Drama you scheduled for the weekend is possible but not encouraged. Aside from posing health risks, you overlook savoring the real joy of K-Drama watching.

Fortunately, there are a few amazing 12-episode Korean dramas that can satisfy your planned weekend bingewatch goal without stretching more of what your body can endure.

Check out this list of 12-episode K-Dramas with amazing plots that you can enjoy!

1. Go Back Couple

Best served in the arms of your lover

Go Back Couple

Go Back Couple sends you to a whirlwind of emotions with its pensive mood of the joys and pain of being in love.

The trip back to 18 years with the cast is a sweet nostalgia of what it feels to love the first time, and a bitter melancholia of the romance you painfully have to let go because it can’t work anymore.

Staged in a wistful retro vibe, the engrossing love journey of Ban Do and Jin Joo pushes you to ponder on how you react if you would be given a chance like them to work on a relationship you have already given up.

If you are looking for a swift rom-com drama that highlights friendship, family relationship and recounting the good old days of being in love, then pick your favorite pillow and a marathon date to watch this gleeful cast.

2. Circle

Best served with a big roll of bubble wrap

Unpredictably written, Circle threads the alternating timeline premise with a brilliant execution of the main heroes’ perspectives.

Circle ambitiously taunts a revolutionary science fiction story that is risky and exciting at the same time. Every episode just keeps on unlocking a revelation after another, that it is futile to decipher its trajectory.

It never went wrong for being ambitiously inventive. It never showed any signs of defiance, and was always sure of the track it was taking. The brave movement of the story plus the incorporation of brotherly love would just blow your mind away.

3. The Cursed

Best served with incense & scented candles

February 2020 Korean Dramas The Cursed

Firmly perched on an eerie note, The Cursed raises an addicting trepidation caused by its solid cliff-hangers.

Remarkably focused on its storytelling, the series closes every episode in overwhelming suspense. Ergo, it nurtures feeling emotionally invested on the flawed female leads.

The relatively small cast and nondescript plot blend to an exceptional work. It felt like watching a long thriller film that you cannot complain about. An open-ended closure of possible continuation hopefully will materialize given how the ghost inside So Jin has not been obliterated yet.

As creepy as the mood of the series was, it was quite interesting to learn about the world of Shamanism. Providing a glimpse of that world through the series, viewers were introduced to executioners of curses and spirit possession.

If you are into chilling stories, a quick run of The Cursed will blow your mind away.

4. The Producers

Best served with your comfort food faves

The Producers

The mixture of the inside production world of variety shows and the characters’ stories were nicely blended. Additionally, the apparent diversity and chemistry of the characters pierce heartily to the viewers.

Combining top-caliber artists who were committed to their roles, the balance presentation of the humor and drama was noticeably felt. Albeit its simple conflict, the series yielded a lasting impression because of its soothing effect.

The engrossing 12-episode drama will leave you lessons that the basic self-help books have already vaguely discussed. But its elaborated picture in the series is one that deeply gratifies.

A breather from rom-com and melodramas, The Producers easily strips any work-related stress you are having if you give it a chance.

5. 365: Repeat The Year

Best served without any external interruptions

365: Repeat The Year

365: Repeat The Year is like a trip to the horror house. You never know what is going to hit you next and you must always prepare your heart.

Not too often, there are dramas that manage to keep the story unpredictable until the end while also maintaining the engrossing pace. 365: Repeat The Year gets full marks for nailing this and does so, quite excellently.

6. Meow The Secret Boy

Best served with your pet on your lap

Meow, The Secret Boy takes the viewer for a cute spin with its soft and light plot. The characters remind of animals and vice-versa, showing how similar they are to one another.

Although the drama is slow moving and light, it compensates with its plot’s cuteness and fun moments.

The series may not have exceeded in its ratings but if you’re looking for a cute drama with a hint of fantasy, this might be your cup of tea. It will not burden the mind with twisted plots and would rather help you relax after a long day.

7. The Package

Best served with hot choco & favorite slice of cake

The Package

With picturesque France as the designated setting, you will get what you never asked for in this comforting drama about travelers who embark on a premium package French tour. As the journey unfolds, they reflect on their current life and love situations resulting in overdue disappointments that need to be forgiven and new beginnings that need to be accepted.

The Package is a romantic gift that is ironically spirited while running on a wistful narrative. The supporting chronicles appear like puzzle pieces meant to complete the entire picture of the plot. It results in an excellent capture of the drama’s ultimate message – how personal relationship, romantic or otherwise, won’t reveal apprehensions due to a man’s self-sacrificing nature.

8. Hospital Playlist

Best served with your best friends

Hospital Playlist

Without concrete conflict, the narrative of five friends who nurtured their bond through the years enlivens with familiarity. Especially for people, who have close friendship forged by time and love.

Adding to the bucket of gem dramas Director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung have, Hospital Playlist is a serene treat perfect for career people. Its smart storytelling reverberates the sound awareness of its creative team to bring a real story about a relationship as pure as romantic ones, but shared by friendship bond.

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