8 Moments With ASTRO’s Moonbin That Will Make You Smile

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ASTRO’s Moonbin always makes us smile – and that’s one of the many reasons why we love him.

Every moment with ASTRO’s Moonbin has a special place in every Aroha’s heart. His carefree and joyful personality never fails to spread good vibes to everyone and paint a smile on their faces. From being sweet to making everyone proud to having fans coo at his cuteness, this multi-talented idol keeps bringing delight.

In celebration of his birthday, here are eight moments where ASTRO’s Moonbin made us smile:

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When he talked about believing himself as the advice he would tell his younger self.

ASTRO has come so far, and so has Moonbin. They had achieved so much and touched the lives of so many fans over the past years, and hearing Moonbin talk about his realizations from his successful journey as a trainee who turned into one of the most well-loved idol-actors in the industry makes our hearts feel warm.

“If I were to go back to my trainee years, I’d believe in myself as much as possible and enjoy the process. Because when I was a trainee, I experienced a slump and I doubted myself a lot. I doubted whether I could do it well and whether it fits me. I won’t doubt myself. I will completely trust myself and be more confident,” he shared.

When his videos as a cute child made everyone go “aww!”

Having started out in the industry as a child actor, a lot of this idol’s adorable videos as a kid are available online for fans to fawn about. Many of those clips actually have him singing as well, which shows how his love for music already started out at such a young age.

When he gave this touching message about experiencing hardships

Whenever we feel down, Moonbin’s comforting words during a voice-only V Live are among the things that pull us back up. Together with his soothing, soft voice while saying it, remembering his encouraging message to keep on going with life despite the struggles that one faces is enough to make us put our brave face on and bring back the smiles on our faces.

“Anyone can go through a slump. Anyone can feel anxious, but you grow up when you overcome it. If there is a God, He breaks your bones and makes you fall on purpose to make you stronger. It will heal on its own time and then there will be a scar. It’s not that we know everything. Given our experience, it will serve as your foundation. I know we have to compete in our daily lives but if you think differently, you’ll feel comfortable,” he said.

When he gave us our daily dose of aegyo

Our Binnie is one of the idols who have dualities that continue to amaze us. While he’s an intense performer on stage, this idol-actor is a sweet and adorable softie in real life – and he can give some of the world’s best aegyos too!

When he sang the OST for At 18

In a V Live with Eun Woo last September, Moonbin serenaded everyone with his rendition of Christopher’s “Moments”, an OST for the youth drama At 18 which he starred in.

When he gave the best rendition of the birthday song

Letting our “Moonbin stunning singer” agenda go further, we couldn’t help but grin while watching him sing happy birthday in the cutest way possible during a fan signing event.

When he dances

Seeing Moonbin in his element – which is dancing – is something that never, ever fails to make us smile. It touches every Arohas’ heart to see this hardworking and warm-hearted idol doing something that he loves.

When he sang the intro to “Blue Flame” for the very first time since his hiatus

We all missed Moonbin, his puppy dog smiles, and his amazing voice so much because of his recent hiatus due to health reasons, so hearing him belt out his iconic intro to their recent comeback song “Blue Flame” during a V Live with Sanha just last January 23 made our hearts go wild. With fans crossing their fingers for an OT6 live stage of “Blue Flame” soon, we’re sure everyone was unable to stop a wide grin coming to their faces as the singer teased his original part in the song.

BONUS: When he proved his A+ skills in smelling

Most of Arohas know about Moonbin’s interesting talent and ability to identify his groupmates using his sense of smell. It has been tested time and time again, and he manages to pass and prove his amazing skills for every try. Need proof? Check these out – and get amazed by this very unique ability!

For his birthday, the singer made fans smile once again with his special treats – with one video showing him hugging a huge teddy bear in the most adorable way possible, and the other being a cute birthday mukbang.

Definitely a precious star for his ever-loving Arohas, Moonbin is loved to the moon and back thanks to his huge heart, passionate spirit, inspirational outlook, and many more. From being a stellar singer, amazing dancer, astounding actor, kind brother to his groupmates and his sister, happy pill, mesmerizing mukbang star, to a charismatic model – Bin shines in everything he wishes to try because he puts his heart and full efforts in it.

We hope this hardworking multi-talented idol stays healthy and happy all throughout the year – so that Arohas can see his puppy dog smile every time. Happy birthday, Moonbin!

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