On Hellokpop Playlist: A.C.E Aims Higher With “SIREN:DAWN” Mini-album

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A.C.E tells us a story of going through hardships and having hope through SIREN:DAWN.


Boy group A.C.E made a sensational return with the mini-album SIREN:DAWN on June 23. With a total of five songs, the artists showcased their musical growth through a more mature and sexy comeback.



The title track “Higher” is a new reinterpretation of the love story of a mermaid, who has an ominous dream. The song combines Future bass and progressive house, further stunning with its musical-like presentation.

The music piece gives a sorrowful feel about loss and the determination one can hold during such bleak times. In addition, the members’ voices are as enchanting as those of a siren’s, able to compete with the mystical creature’s alluring song.

The music video for “Higher” can be described in one word: beautiful. The members all look incredible with their out-of-this-world concept and that, combined with the pretty elements in the background creates a gorgeous clip to watch.

In particular, the video includes a lot of ocean themed settings, further emphasizing on the mermaid story. Also, every member is seen with an orb object, the moon or a round mirror. All these focus on the circle shape, which symbolizes eternity, hope, the circle of life.

The members look up to the moon and earn to go higher, above the sea and their problems. By the end of the video, the five boys seem to have reached the surface, as their final dance takes place in a green scenery.


The album begins with “INTRO: Miserere Mei Deus (We Fell Down)”. The echoing Gregorian chants foretell the overall feel of SIREN:DAWN with its mysterious sound,

The short number prepares us for the meeting with ethereal beings who have gone through a painful experience and seek God’s mercy. The phrase “Miserere mei, Deus” is Latin for “Have mercy on me, O God”.

Those special beings are portrayed by the members of A.C.E, who gave us a visual through their enchanting concept photos.


The second track in SIREN:DAWN is called “Atlantis” and was written, and composed by boy group PENTAGON’s Kino. Also participating in the creation process were singer-songwriter Kriz and producer Jake K.

The song tells about a person hurt by a relationship, something a lot of people can relate to. The unexpected pain is portrayed in a beautiful way and compared to the lost city of Atlantis. It was a beautiful gem that faced a life turning point, just like a person’s heart does, which breaks and sinks the beauty away.

A.C.E delivered that sentimental feeling with their impactful voices and tones, creating a song that deserves to be on repeat.


“Chasing Love” expresses the complicated actions of a person who gets closer only to move away after. The song showcases the members’ singing abilities, which captivate the ears, along with the rhythmical bounce and string theme.

The lovely and clean vocals of the five talented boys stand out in every part of the track. Especially addictive is the chorus part, which also feels like the highlight of the music number.


Lastly, “Story” is a special song about the most precious thing to A.C.E, their fandom CHOICE. The track was written by member Donghun and co-written by member Chan, who express their love for fans through this musical piece.

The number describes the bond between the artists and their fans, who have been by their side through good and bad. They have become each other’s light and reason to smile and A.C.E hopes for their story to keep writing itself.

Moreover, the message which A.C.E brings with this song is to keep their story forever.

Source: Beat Interactive