A Guide On What To Expect For The Latter End Of 2020 In K-Pop: New Albums, Fresh Debuts, And Thrilling Concerts

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After a staggering start to 2020 in K-pop, some of the industry’s largest labels gear up for an exciting, whirlwind end of the year.

Following the initial slowdown of the K-pop industry at the beginning of the year due to COVID-19, the latter end of the year is a promising time for fans. Various companies including YG, JYP, SM and Big Hit Entertainment have reported exciting plans for their third and fourth quarters. As the fall approaches, here is a guide on what to expect for the remaining months of 2020.

K-pop companies


YG Entertainment is successfully recovering after a slow beginning of 2020 as their stocks rebound. Notably, this can be attributed to the rising success of its rookie group, TREASURE. The group’s long-awaited debut met immense success as the group surpassed 170,000 album pre-order sales over three days.

Their continuing success is anticipated to continue throughout the third and fourth quarters. Their highly supported debut is a good indication that the group’s future activities will meet the same response.


Meanwhile, fans can anticipate exciting forthcoming projects from other YG-label artists. This includes BLACKPINK. After the release of their collaborative single with Selena Gomez on August 28, the group will finally unveil their full album slotted for an October 2 release. Additionally, fans may look forward to the members’ future individual projects.

YG also reveals tentative plans for an AKMU comeback later this fall.


JYP has plans for an upcoming flurry of artist activities. Leading JYP girl group TWICE plan to launch a Japanese album release during quarter three, followed by a regular album in quarter four. The albums emerge after their online concert, “World in a Day” aired in early August.

Additionally, boy group GOT7 prepares for a repackage and regular album release in the fourth quarter, DAY6 also plans for a fourth quarter regular album, while Stray Kids will deliver a third quarter repackage and a full album in the fourth quarter. Reportedly, following their third quarter comeback, ITZY will also have album activities in the fourth quarter.

JYP Entertainment also plans to debut their Japanese project group NIZIU in November.


In contrast, SM Entertainment has consolidated its focus on digital events since April, hosting six online concerts. SM plans to continue generating profits through other streamed events for fans throughout the latter end of the year.

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Intriguingly, the company is on the track to debut a new boy and girl group by the end of the year.

Big Hit

Perhaps the most forthcoming about their specific plans for the year was Big Hit Entertainment. During their “Big Hit Corporate Briefing with the Community”, the company made several revelations regarding the various content emerging later this year.

BTS thrilled ARMY with news of their new album set for a quarter four release, following their all-English track, “Dynamite” releasing this month. Moreover, the global superstars will launch their “Map of the Soul On:E Concert” in person and online this October.

Meanwhile, Big Hit Entertainment also announced their plans for a new video game in quarter four with its gaming subsidiary, Superb. The company continued by announcing TXT’s upcoming album in the fall, as well as ILAND’s debut before the end of the year.

Big Hit

Despite the slower start to 2020, the end of the year is shaping up to be full of excitement. Containing new debuts, new releases by established favorites, and more digital concert events, fans can anticipate a memorable end to 2020.

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