K-Pop Spotlight: The Colorful Music Range Of A.C.E

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Superbly versatile, “our favorite boys” A.C.E, has been perfectly delivering an array of distinctly vibrant music!

Garnering the attention of fans all over the world, A.C.E has a lot to offer when it comes to music and talent. For those of you who are not familiar with their work and for those who simply love the boys’ sound, we prepared a list to present their most known tracks.

“Under Cover”

One of the most well known pieces of the group’s discography, “Under Cover”, captivates from the very first listen. The lyrics boldly state one’s intentions of making their way into someone’s heart, without them realizing it.

This is quite a memorable track for fans as it is the boys’ first comeback as a full group after being apart for a year due to them participating on various survival shows. “Under Cover” is upbeat and easy to get addicted to, due to its attractive sound and the members’ vocals.

Both the singing and rapping blend perfectly together to deliver this absolute hit. Moreover, the chorus is not the only catchy part, the powerful bridge definitely hooks the listeners too.

“Favorite Boys”

This song took music lovers by surprise with their unexpected, but very well taken concept. The use of traditional Asian elements impressed the public, both domestic and global.

A.C.E calls themselves “Your favorite boys, I’m a, I’m a Goblin”, expressing confidence in themselves, all while saying they are magical beings. The song hypes up through its lyrics, delivering the message to “Be your style, your color, be one of a kind.” More specifically, if one wants something, they should just try and get it in their own way.


Of course, we can’t leave out the song with which the boys first stepped into the K-Pop scene. The members showcased admirable talent from the start, raising expectation for their next releases.

The debut track “Cactus” has a heavy drop part that stands out and also an addictive rhythm. Through this song, the group says they can withstand anything thrown at them because they are as strong as a cactus.

The boys entered the music scene and they are not afraid to prove they are right for it, just like they have already been doing!

“Savage” & “Callin'”

Based on intense trap beats, “Savage” has a unique sense of urgency which captivates the ears. A.C.E’s unique sound is once again expressed in this number, distinguishing them from other K-Pop acts.


“Callin'” tells the story of the aspiration and youth of the boys, who are ready to answer the call of the world at any time. This is the group’s second single, released back in 2017. It has a powerful and sexy choreography which accompanies the already memorable track.

“Take Me Higher” & “5TAR”

In 2018, the idols released their first repackaged album A.C.E Adventures in Wonderland which included the title track “Take Me Higher”. Prior to the album, the group also unveiled a special single “5TAR (Incompletion)” which was also included on the track list.

In particular, both songs excluded member Chan due to him being busy  at the time promoting with the temporary group UNB. However, the two music numbers were later performed by all five members, delighting their fans.

“5TAR” got its complete version and was included in the Under Cover mini-album. The ballad showcased the talented members and their emotional vocals. The group even shared a special Live video where they portrayed the sentimental piece.

Meanwhile, an all-5-member version of “Take Me Higher” was included in the Under Cover: The Mad Squad mini-album. The song is lively and bright, one that will lift the listeners’ mood.

“Stand By You”

We will finish this list with the heartwarming track “Stand By You”. The emotional piece brings the message of hope and consolation that everyone needs to hear from time to time.

The lyrics “This song here, it will lift me up again”, emphasizes on what A.C.E wants to say with this release. Likewise, the music video clip for “Stand By You” also captures the feeling in a very touching way.

2020 A.C.E Online Fan Concert- The Butterfly Phantasy

Boy group sensation A.C.E will be holding their very own online concert, through which they plan to meet their global fans. The solo event 2020 A.C.E Online Fan Concert- The Butterfly Phantasy will be held on October 11.

Tickets are available through various platforms. Korean fans can reserve theirs through Olleh TV and Seezn, while overseas fans can use MyMusicTaste.

Source and Image Credit: Beat Interactive