K-Drama Premiere: “All Of Us Are Dead” Drifts To A Quick-Paced Zombie Apocalypse Story

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Make sure to clear your schedule over the weekend if you intend to binge-watch All Of Us Are Dead!

Netflix’s newest zombie-survival series is all decked to launch on January 28 on the streaming giant’s platform. At the recently held media preview, the series hints at an enthralling show ahead.

PRESS CONFERENCE: “All Of Us Are Dead” Vouch For A K-Zombie Series Filled With Meaningful Lessons & Enthralling Entertainment

When a student got bitten by a rat carrying a monster-transforming virus, the outbreak spread exponentially before the students of Hyosan High School can even process it.

Amidst worrying about regular student problems of feeling an outcast, focusing on studies to please overachieving parents, and falling in love; they are forced to brave unexpected confrontations with their friends and schoolmates that have become blood-hungry beings.

What To Anticipate In All Of Us Are Dead?

Comparing this new Netflix series to a musical symphony, it features sedating moments that perfectly match the sudden exhilarating highs.

Definitely maximizing its time well, the accelerated narrative would surely be a gift to thrill junkies and zombie-genre aficionados.

As mentioned by Director Lee at the press conference, the attention to creating unique and speedy zombies is commendable.

They sure know how to excite the mood and the level of gore is unapologetic. Accordingly, it fires up the already gripping scenario to be tackled by the featured characters.

Schedule your weekend to a riveting zombie-conquering ride on All Of Us Are Dead. The series premieres exclusively on Netflix on January 28 at 4 PM SGT.

All Of Us Are Dead

abbyinhallyuland extends gratitude to Netflix for the opportunity to view the first episode of All Of Us Are Dead

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