5 Standout Lessons In “All Of Us Are Dead”

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By helming All Of Us Are Dead to outstanding work, much acclaim definitely goes to Director Lee JQ. His eloquent words detailing the series at the press conference were legit real.

Both the technical aspects and the imparting of relevant messages to young and old generations were deftly executed.

Admirably, the momentum magnified through the students’ journey to survive is done in a clever framing. If there’s an award for the most resourceful cast ensemble, there’s no way it won’t go to this series.

Seemingly appearing to be conveniently framed, the action scenes mounted consistent ferocity. And it sure is a gift to any thrill junkie.

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Irreversible Damage Expected In A Crisis

It is expected for any disaster to bring unfortunate events. As we have become familiar with what a pandemic situation feels like, the story reminds us of always seeing the big picture while working on our own capabilities to endure the hardship.

Blaming other people in times of affliction is useless. As seen on the military officer who chose a decision to sacrifice those that can’t be salvaged. People in the position to decide the welfare of people have the hardest job to take.

Selfishness Leads To Instant Karma

Prioritizing your own welfare in critical situations is normal. However, do it at your own risk and as much as possible not affecting others.

Characters who chose this wrong path inevitably suffered the consequences in the end. May it be an admonition we all take seriously.

It’s probably the easiest action people inadvertently or intentionally commit.

Never look down on people

Revenge generates unrelenting hatred. We see how school bullying impacted some of the characters.  There are different ways of making people feel an outcast, not just the traditional bullying.

Take the example of Gyeong-su who is always at odds with Na-yeon. The dangerous situation brought up his disappointment for being treated unfairly for being poor.

Learning a scandalous video of herself could go viral, Eun-ji opted for harming people who keep finding fault in her. Same way that her fellow bully victim chose not to help the stranded survivors when the rescue arrived.

Be kind and helpful. When you help make sure it is genuine.

Confess your love right away when you can

On a brighter note, the faint but endearing teenage romance stories in All Of Us Are Dead lead us to two points: expressing love when you can and becoming the better version of yourself to be worthy of someone you like.

All Of Us Are Dead

Make the most out of your youth

Glimpses of relatable problems happening to young people. The series has mentioned the agonizing scenarios of how they worry about their future.

With the youth inescapably struggling with the concept of validating their worth based on other people’s opinions and expectations these times, emphasizing the need for a functioning support system is necessary.

Moreover, the narrative puts a spotlight on how students should not overwhelm themselves with being great at school. Equipping themselves with a healthy body and mind plus ample street smarts takes them a long way in life.

Ultimately, All Of Us Are Dead left us a resonating message that when a zombie apocalypse happens, status does not matter. There’s no rich or poor – young or old. We are all equal.

If you can’t save yourself for simple problems, that’s already a red flag for you to work on improving yourself.

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