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Two months into 2013, we can already outline a Top 5 of the current digital leaders of 2013.

Surprisingly enough, it isn’t SNSD‘s I Got A Boy who tops the ongoing charts of 2013 but Baechigi‘s Shower of Tears (feat. Ailee). This constitutes one of the biggest surprises of 2013 since the hip-hop duo has been around for over a decade without ever producing a chart topper until the release of Tears.

Baechigi thus beats SNSD, with Leessang (another hip-hop duo) coming in third with another song titled Tears (feat TheSeeya). Sistar19 comes in fourth but is a strong contender to dethrone Baechigi on the long run. CNBlue‘s I’m Sorry rounds up this Top 5 which it might be dropped of as early as next month.

Watch Baechigi’s Shower of Tears (feat. Ailee) here:

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You can check the actual numbers from Gaon below:


1. Baechigi –  Shower of Tears    74,164,156 (January) + 58,337,356 (February) = 132,501,512

2. SNSD – I Got A Boy 97,703,153 + 29,926,634 = 127,629,787

3. Leessang – Tears 42,132,517 + 69,586,677 = 111,719,194

4. Sistar19 – Gone Around Not Any Longer 15,939,728 + 92,845,777 = 108.785,505

5. CNBlue – I’m Sorry 61,895,750 + 44,373,111 = 106,268,861



Source:  Melon Daum  Gaon

Video: neowizinternet

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