AOA’s Seolhyun Flashes Beauty And Extravagance In Photos For Luxurious Brand Coach

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Purely delicate and sophisticated, AOA’s Seolhyun completed the “Goddess of Spring” look with luxurious bags from COACH.

On March 27, fashion giant COACH released a compilation of photos featuring Seolhyun of AOA and their freshly arrived bags.

Seolhyun COACH

Without a doubt, the singer-actress managed to achieve an elegant and classy look as she highlighted wonderful pieces from COACH.

In the pictorial, Seolhyun featured her gorgeous self in slender pleated midi-length dress. The red dress was accentuated with tiny polka dots of different colors. On her hand is COACH’s newly arrived beauty – Willis Top Handle 18 Style No: 89223. Through Seolhyun’s fashion brilliance, she greatly accented the color chalk leather and light natural-woven rattan bag.

The next item modeled by Seolhyun is the color sunlight Willis Top Handle 18 Style No: 89225. Her second look pitched trendy and urban style. COACH structured and reinterpreted its style to suit the daily modern look.

Seolhyun COACH

Overall, her stylish and ritzy looks highlight the star of the photo shoot – the COACH chalk and sunlight colored bag. Her innocent yet alluring vibe truly matches her wardrobe style.


Moreover, it all added to create a lovely atmosphere to COACH handbags. With Seolhyun’s beyond comparable beauty, there is no doubt that she is an exemplar for her impressive prominence in modeling and fashion industry.

Source: Sports Donga

Images Credit: COACH Korea