Apink Gives An Insightful “LOOK” Into Their New Album

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Apink has made a highly anticipated comeback with their 9th mini album! 

Apink released their 9th mini album LOOK and unveiled the album’s title track “Dumhdurum.”

Apink recently answered questions surrounding their comeback. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Q. It is a full comeback in 1 year and 3 months. How do you feel?

Chorong: I am so happy that a new album that fans have been waiting for has been released. It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for too. It is really exciting and  we will try to have a wonderful performance for the comeback.

Hayoung: Of course, it was all about the album, but I think it was more than ever. I hope it feels fresh and I love it a lot, as I’ve been greedy to give it a better look.

Q. What is the title song “Dumhdurum” about?

Naeun: It’s a very engaging dance song with an addictive melody. It expresses the beating heart with the word ‘Dumhdurum’. We’ve added a new color this time. We look forward to your expectations.

Q. Black Eyed Pilseung again joined forces with you on this album. How did you feel about your third time collaborating?

Chorong: I think this song came out very satisfactorily because we were with our brothers who knew our colors so well. Since I am always writing songs while thinking about the position of members and fans, I seemed to have been relieved even before the song came out.

Q. Apink’s performance is also expected. Do you have any point choreography or killing parts for ‘Dumhdurum’?

Bomi: Every part is a killing point, so it’s hard to pick it out, but I’m afraid it’s the chorus ‘drum and rumbling’ part. Also, I think the choreography of ‘Don’t tell me it’s like a lie’ is attractive.

Q. What kind of album is LOOK?

Bomi: I think you can discover the charm of each member like the album name LOOK. I think it’s an album that shows off the charm of each one.

apink look

Q. What is the concept or charm of the 9th mini album LOOK in one word?

Hayoung: Reminder

I would like to remind you that this is Apink.  More so, I also want to hear the words , ‘after all this is Apink.’

Q. Do you have any songs you would like to recommend? Park Chorong and Jeong Eunji participated in the songs, so what is it about?

Eunji: I recorded a special unit song this time, but I think you can feel the charm of each team member. This is a letter to fans and members who have spent 9 years together with “Love All Your Moments” written by Chorong. “Everybody Ready?” Is a fan song that came out as a digital single in the 8th anniversary of last year, and was included in this album. I wrote the lyrics.

apink look

Q. Apink celebrates its 9th anniversary this year … I think there will be some impressions for the 10th year.

Chorong: I always feel it, but I think the time is too fast. It’s the 9th or 10th year, but still the greed and thirst for the album are like the beginning of our debut. I feel happy I’m accumulating memories with my members and fans as the precious album builds up.

Nam Joo: I don’t really feel it. There are a lot of things that haven’t been shown yet, so I hope that you can look forward to a new look.

Q. It is said that the successful concept change was achieved with “There is no 1” and “%%.” What problems and processes did you have?

Eunji: I’ve been thinking about the concept change for a long time, and as time goes by, we grow up and the music changes naturally along the way. We are trying to express the atmosphere and feeling that we can make naturally. Many people appreciate it. In the future, I want to grow musically while producing our own colors.

Q. What is ‘Apink’ for members? What would you say in one word?

Hayoung: Soul sister-Namju: My diary-Naeun: Family-like existence-Eunji: Root-Bomi: Young Life-Chorong.

Q. What will 2020 be for Apink? What activities are you going to do?

Bomi: I think each person will show a lot of activities. Please look forward to it and I think Apink’s next album will be prepared quickly. I hope this will be a year where fans can have a lot of memories.

Q. What do you want to say to domestic and foreign fans who send a lot of support to Apink?

It’s feels powerful every time we prepare an album, thanks to our pandas (Apink’s official fanclub name) who are always on your side. Our pandas, who became the biggest driving force for the 9th anniversary, are always like new gifts. It feels great to always be able to repay every little love we receive. Thank you.

Source: Sports Chosun

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