ASTRO Opens Up About Preparations & Gives Insights On Their New Album “GATEWAY”

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ASTRO is already reaching astronomical heights with the release of their 7th Mini Album GATEWAY!

The comeback also marks the return of member Moonbin who took a hiatus last year due to health reasons. The title song of GATEWAY, “Knock(찾아가)” boasts of catchy lyrics with an addictive melody. ASTRO takes it to the next level with the MV for the track which was to put it simply, out of this world.

Besides the title track, the album is an amalgamation of diverse and different music genres that mirrored the overall style of the group with tracks such as the upbeat “SOMEBODY LIKE,” the urban pop style and “When You Call My Name.” “We Still” dabbles into the electro pop genre while “12 Hours” and “Lights On,” take on an RnB route with their sound arrangements.

Post the widely appreciated comeback, ASTRO opened up about GATEWAY recently and spoke extensively about the album.

Speaking about having a comeback after almost a year and a half, JinJin expressed that he was excited to show fans this version of them as a group. Likewise, he was looking forward to seeing how fans would react to the comeback. Moonbin asserted, “I was sorry that I couldn’t participate in the activities for Blue Flame and so I tried my best to make up for it while preparing for this album.”

Introducing the 7th mini album GATEWAY, Cha Eun Woo expressed, “The 7th mini album GATEWAY means ‘a door connecting two different spaces’. Through this album, ASTRO travels through time and space. It also means that ASTRO and Aroha (ASTRO’s fan club) are together. Through this album we hope to show you a more mature and cooler version of ASTRO.“

The members voiced that GATEWAY is quite different from their previous albums especially in the realization of its cool and powerful concept that aims to introduce ASTRO’s new look through each song.

Expressing their thoughts on the title song, “Knock(찾아가),” MJ said, “The title song is one that coveys a story of people who can’t meet now and takes them back in time to a world where they can be together forever.”

Moonbin said that when he first heard the track he instantly knew that it had to be the title track especially due to the snappy ‘knock knock knock’ part.

Eunwoo remarked, “When I first heard it, I could feel the track’s energy along with it’s addictive melody. But I thought that it still could be made better and then I voiced out my opinion to the composer who arranged it, and that’s how “Knock(찾아가)” was born, and as soon as I heard it, I felt it was so good that I couldn’t wait to share it with the fans.”

Sanha gave an insight to the concept of the album as he explained that the concepts in the previous album have always been energetic and cool, which was cute but this time they added a flair of power to the core theme which gave the album a dynamic character and a mature look overall.

ASTRO spoke about in detail of the choreography for the title track wherein Moonbin mentioned that this is by far one of the most difficult but electric choreographies the group has ever done.


Rocky averred, “The choreography expressed the overall concept of the title track really well. Specifically, the ‘knock knock knock’ part is quite focal in the choreography.”

While Sanha talked about a movement during his part in the dance, when he flaunts a motion to mimic the stars with his hands.

ASTRO further revealed their favourite tracks from GATEWAY as well. Sanha and Rocky both picked “12 Hours,” because of the soothing lyrics, melody and the track’s overall simplicity. Moonbin and MJ said that their go to track on the album is the heartwarming “We Still” which is a song that comforts Moonbin while it reminds MJ of his debut days and makes him feel happy.

“SOMEBODY LIKE” was Cha Eunwoo’s pick because, “This is a song that makes you feel more excited and just gets better each time you listen to it.”

While JinJin confessed, “This is my own song, but my favourite is “Lights On,” I hope that Aroha will like it because it is a song that projects the one message of each of our hearts that, ‘I want to be the light,’ to Aroha who might be down or exhausted with the burdens of life.”

ASTRO members are quite ecstatic about GATEWAY. The members hope to show more such powerful and mature concepts in the future as well.

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Eunwoo said, “I want to show you our powerful stage presence and energy. I practiced more than ever to ensure that the performances would be perfect. And I hope that you can see that I have tried becoming better than before.”

Sanha conveyed that as ASTRO member he would like to try a new concept for each album while as an individual he wants to showcase his growth as an artist since their debut.

ASTRO expressed that with this album they hope to bring forth their talents in the best way through their performances. They further thanked their Aroha around the globe for their unconditional love and support as well.

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