B1A4 Successfully Holds Fan Meeting in Malaysia

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The five boys from B1A4; JinYoung, Sandeul, CNU, Baro and Gongchan, made their way to Malaysia to meet their BANAs on 10th January at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur!

All the fans went into a screaming state when their long-awaited B1A4 dashed up to the stage in casual suits with stripes running down their blazers. Without further ado, they began the fan meeting with Ok, followed by Beautiful Target, before proceeding to greet the fans.


The members warmly greeted the fans and expressed their utmost gratitude to be able to come back to Malaysia. They then shared their feelings about returning to the country after a long time.

Baro went first by answering: “Wonderful! Really very awesome. And… you (pointing at the audiences) are so hot.”

Jinyoung and CNU revealed their excitement for the show, saying: “I am really happy that the fans do not forget about us and come to see us. And we are really excited for tonight”. He added:”We are always excited to come to Malaysia because the fans are very passionate and we are always willing to come back.”

Sandeul’s answer warmed all the fans’ hearts when he answered: “Before coming to Malaysia, we heard about the floods and we were really worried the fans and just want to make sure the fans are all okay.”

Maknae Gongchan also expressed his happiness to be able to meet with Malaysian fans: “We are really happy to see you (the fans) after we have not meet you for so long. In the future, we want to keep coming back.”


After the fan chat, the night went on with the games. Fans were chosen by each of the members through the note pad which fans have written down their questions, and also in another game called Pop Pop parody, which the members and their respective partners needed to act out what was given to them. The venue was filled with screams and laughter when hilarious Sandeul did his hip thrust which was part of his musical in All Shook Up.

The members heated up the atmosphere again with the song Pretty. B1A4 wasted no time and began their next track Solo Day right after Pretty. It was about mid-way into the fan meeting at this time and the members took the opportunity again to thank the fans for coming, and also for supporting them over these past years.


CNU: “I had a lot of fun today and we are always looking forward to come back to Malaysia. We are able to lift our higher spirit because you guys have been such a warm audience”.

Baro spoke in English saying: “We are preparing a new album please wait for us okay? Don’t forget us.”

Maknae Gongchan said they were happy to be able to spend 2015 with Malaysia BANAs, and he felt very nice to be with the fans, at the same time asking them to look forward to the boys’ future activities.

Jinyoung asked the fans if they have fun and continued by saying: “We are very happy to receive love starting from 2015. Did I give u some happiness today? We had a great time with u guys, don’t be sad because we are coming back again soon.”

Sandeul added: “We are really happy that we are able to spend some time with the Malaysian fans after not coming here for awhile. Since we have been with you guys for 4 years, we just want to say thank you. So in the future, we will keep working hard and stay with the fans for a long time. To this, Baro exclaimed: “Thank you Malaysia!”


With no intention of lowering down the atmosphere, B1A4 took the floor again with another three tracks; A Glass of Water, What’s Happening and Baby Good Night. At this moment, all the fans from every corner sang along, which blended the music into one beautiful piece.

At this point, the show was coming to the end. Fans with VVIP and VIP tickets were able to go on stage to high five with the idols. The members ended the fan meeting perfectly with their last song You Are My Girl.


B1A4’s special fan meeting in Kuala Lumpur is organized by TGM events and sponsored by Acer Malaysia. This event is co-organized by CJ E&M, WM Entertainment and M-Live.


Credit: Photos without watermarking belong to the official event photographer.


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