Kim Yoo Jung Aims For Best Part-Timer Badge, Finally Meets Ji Chang Wook’s Girlfriend In “Backstreet Rookie” Episode 3

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The feisty heroine in Backstreet Rookie will do everything in her “combat power” to be a regular part-timer in the convenience store! She also meets her love rival face to face.

Glimpses of Saet Byul’s past and Dae Hyun’s stagnant relationship are highlights in the third episode of Backstreet Rookie. Additionally, the lead couple’s friends are surely contributing the spirited and comic elements in the story.

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Saet Byul’s Mission

Keen to become an invaluable worker in the convenience store, Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung) continues to be at her best attitude and outlook despite the challenges her job entails. That includes dealing with rude customers and people who uses their connection to Dae Hyun to take goods freely without paying.

When a bunch of neighborhood slackers duplicate their impudence, openly stealing some goods in the store, Saet Byul decided to give some backstreet lessons.

Beating them to a pulp, she ordered to return the money from their stolen goods. Saet Byul who noticed Dal Shik saw what she has done, approaches him to ensure that he won’t squeal the deed to her boss.

Guided by her loyal following to “daily guru”, a mobile app steering her daily routine, Saet Byul sets to live incidentally. In this episode, it was also revealed that she stopped school to take care of her sister, as life-long promise to her beloved father who passed away.

Dae Hyun’s Dormant Romance

Pictured to be a doting boyfriend, Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) has a lot of plans laid out in the horizon. Sadly though, his girlfriend Yeon Joo is not as excited to go past beyond what they have at the moment.

After unwrapping a pricey sweater package he meant to gift Yeon Joo’s father for his birthday, he gets elated expressing his plans. Only to be on understanding side again, as Yeon Joo explained the birthday will be a private family affair.

Later, he accidentally sees Yeon Joo, her family and Jo Seung Joon (Do Sang Woo) having dinner together, hitting his heart and pride instantaneously.

When his friends learned of how he has not met her parents yet while dating for two years, they agree in unison that it was absurd. But, Dae Hyun remains passive about it.

Yeon Joo’s Confusing Concept of Romance

Yoo Yeon Joo (Han Sun Hwa) has so far raises annoyance for her portrayal of Dae Hyun’s girlfriend, who seems to love her boyfriend, but can’t be proud of him at the same time.

After getting taunted of the news that a pretty part-timer was hired at the convenience store Dae Hyun manages, she ignores it, but finds herself visiting the place to scout if the gossip was true.

Her furtive stalking yields no result though because Saet Byul had her friend Geum Bi tend the store for her to chase the neighborhood slacker. Thus, she disregards the apprehension of a possible rival since the appearance of Geum Bi is far from pretty.

Later, she comes clean with Dae Hyun confessing the birthday dinner was attended by Seung Joon. She also reveals that they are childhood friends. The admittance cleared Dae Hyun’s growing qualms about their relationship. At the same time, ignites viewers’ questions on why she does not share the same “building future together” vision, Dae Hyun has been spouting every time.

Saet Byul’s favorite girls

Living a perfect life she designed on her own, Saet Byul has two reliable best friends who supports her like strong pillars in taking care of her sister Eun Byul (Ahn Sol Bin). Hwang Geum Bi (Seo Ye Hwa) and Cha Eun Jo (Yoon Soo) are so far sprinkling the series with their energy and smart quips. Blending together as trio sisters make any girl wishes to join their friendship circle.

Aside from her goal of a permanent part-time work, and possibly making her first kiss the love of her life; she only wants her sister to study well away from bad influence at school.

Apparently though, while Geum Bi is there to watch Eun Byul at school, her activities outside is exactly what Saet Byul fears of. She even meets the unruly girls constantly bullying her sister when she was out for a drink with her best friends.

Full of themselves, Saet Byul even gave them doses of their own medicines while inadvertently helping Yeon Joo as well. The latter was cornered in the wash room when she gets on the bad side of the unruly girls’ bully leader.

While extorting money, Saet Byul was hold off to enter the wash room. Given her nature, she insists and as expected beats them up when they refuse to relent.

Dae Hyun who receives a rescue-me call from Yeon Joo rushes to the wash room, and even pushes Saet Byul aside while coaxing Yeon Joo to leave the cubicle so she can use it. After all, she has already helped her with the bullies.

Recognizing Dae Hyun, the three are baffled on the situation, as Yeon Joo realizes that her boyfriend’s part-timer is really pretty.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 3 Afterthoughts

While the main and side love lines are shaping up, I am honestly curious on how the story will be expounded apart from the projected romance. This series has been covering typical issues in family and social communities that anyone can relate to: household without parents, the plight of house husbands, the burden of a wife with a house husband, relationship struggle between rich-poor couple and even bullying.

Albeit these topics and more to come, Backstreet Rookie has been teaching a lot about finding purpose. Like how Saet Byul’s bleak life is made brighter by a couple of trusted and functional friends. Hopefully, we will get one from Dae Hyun, that will feature giving up on love because there’s someone better out there that would appreciate all the small and big things you do for her.

However, the range the narrative could go through seems a Herculean task for the series, since the setting pictured has not that broad horizon to extend to. There’s not much of character depth or side stories to gravitate as well. Whether the humor, sprightly female lead and eye-candy male lead make up for what the series might struggle for, we have to wait and see.

Backstreet Rookie airs on SBS every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM KST.

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