B.A.P’s Youngjae Talks About His Goals, Music Dreams, And New Drama As A Rising Solo Artist

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Prepare your hearts as B.A.P’s Youngjae will surely amaze you with his sincere thoughts and musical passion!

South Korean rising singer-songwriter Youngjae has recently participated in a media interview to talk about his current activities and future plans as a soloist.

Making “Youngjae” as a brand

Back in 2012, the handsome and multi-talented idol made his debut under TS Entertainment’s well-loved boy group B.A.P. Known as the band’s trusted main vocalist, Youngjae had impressed fans with his unique and captivating vocals.

Earlier this year, he wowed everyone with the release of his very first solo mini-album in April. Titled FANCY, the solo artist was able to show his musical world with “Another Night” as his official debut song.

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Looking back on his journey as a B.A.P member, he candidly shared that there are actually times when he misses promoting in a group.

Now that he has kicked off his career as a soloist, Youngjae revealed that he is currently investing in himself.

“As a solo artist, this is my start. Although B.A.P is my background, our team is currently unable to promote. It’s different to release a solo album while in a group and promote just as Youngjae. Right now, I’m making Youngjae into a brand,” he said.

Gracefully making his highly-awaited comeback just last month, the singer recently gifted fans with his second mini-album O,on. Featuring an exciting theme with its EDM sound, his newest title track “Forever Love” conveys his sweet message to everyone who lights up his life.

Telling how passionate he is with his music, the idol shared, “I want to show myself with my music, dance, and performances. I want to be recognized for my musicality.”

Composing songs as a new hobby

When asked regarding his music style, Youngjae unveiled that he is in fact open to working on any genres.

“When I compose, I work to express myself in the best way possible. Through my latest title track, I think I will be able to show my various charms. B.A.P typically sang powerful songs with powerful performances, and I had to sing aggressively with a tough tone. Now, I often use the soft tone that I like,” he said.


In addition, he talked about how he got into writing songs. “Three years ago, I began writing songs to sustain my individuality. Once I began making them, I felt so proud. There are also memories that accompany each song.”

Sharing how composing songs continuously help him as an artist, the idol then added, “Now, whenever I think of a concept I want to write about or feel inspired, I want to quickly get to work. It’s like I developed a new hobby. More than anything, I was able to improve my vocal skills by composing. It allowed me to think more deeply about my voice and tone.”

The Importance Of Health

Now that he is promoting as a solo artist, Youngjae revealed that he is really focused on maintaining his health so that he can fill the stage on his own.

“Beginning this year, I’ve been taking my vitamins every day,” the singer candidly shared.


Narrating how seeing a lot of younger idols now, the thoughtful senior has sent a short but sweet message to them by saying, “I hope they promote with pride and have musical ambition and responsibility. That’s because the members of B.A.P were like that. More than anything, I hope they promote while taking care of their health.”

Upcoming Drama

Aside from his journey as an idol, Youngjae also ventured into acting. In particular, he is set to star in KBS2 TV’s newest drama 9.9 Billion Woman alongside veteran actors Cho Yeo Jeong, Kim Kang Woo, Oh Na Ra, and more.

“Please watch it. I play a genius hacker who helps Kim Kang Woo. I haven’t gotten approval from the director yet, but I’ve imagined a concept of constantly eating jjonjjoni (a popular Korean snack). I thought just wearing round glasses was too typical,” he adorably shared.

Moreover, fans should watch out as Youngjae revealed that he is open to appearing in variety shows and uploading videos on YouTube as well in the future.

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