Best Music Videos From Your Favorite #2020MAMA Artists Nominees

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As the 2020 MAMA approaches, take a look back at the best music videos from some of the artist nominees of this year’s award ceremony!

The K-pop industry and fans are gearing up for one of this year’s most prominent events. The MNET MUSIC ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS, otherwise known as the MAMA, will celebrate this year’s most influential Korean artists and music.

While this year was bleak due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the K-pop industry responded to its uncertainty in creative ways. From surprise comebacks to incredible digital events, 2020 delivered some of K-pop’s most incredible music. 

Just ahead of the 2020 MAMA‘s, take a look back at the best music videos from some of your favorite nominees! 

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 With their comeback at the end of July, ATEEZ impressed fans with their music video for title track “INCEPTION”. Not only did the group shock fans with its heavy incorporation of their storyline, the video also featured water scenes, fire (both digital and real), and their most contemporary-styled choreography yet. Concluding with an ominous scene of ATEEZ leader Hongjoong, the group teases the possible trouble to occur during their storyline in future comebacks. The video was a cinematic masterpiece and an apt portrayal of the group’s upward trajectory, in both their success and their craft. 


The music video for “Lovesick Girls” is both whimsical and powerful – a fitting companion for the song. The video boasts emotive scenes that depict the members’ strong capabilities in acting, as well as a peppy choreography that contrasts with its bleaker lyrics. Additionally, as the members danced by neon lighting or frolicked in sunlit whimsy, the video encapsulated the feeling of nostalgia reminiscent of a coming of age film. As a whole, BLACKPINK took viewers on a rocky journey on the highs and lows of being “lovesick” throughout the stunning music video. 


Every BTS music video is a piece of artwork; from the rich storyline to its production as well as the acting of the members themselves, every scene resembles one from a film. From “Dynamite” to “Black Swan”, BTS’ releases this year were impeccable. However, the music video for their title track “ON” delivered an otherworldly experience. The sheer scale of the production paralleled the grandiose song, making “ON” and its music video unforgettable. 


DAY6 stunned with their song “Zombie”, which depicts the relatable monotony of everyday life. With it, the band released a beautiful music video, representing the sluggish state one can fall into similar to being a “zombie”. The bleak sets, blurred editing, and water scenes were an honest portrayal of the struggles with mental health that one can find themselves in. As sad as the music video could be interpreted, it was also a comforting confession that many experience the same difficulties in life. 


Since their debut, ITZY took the industry by storm. Quickly becoming known for their catchy title tracks and powerful performances, the polished girl-group continued to impress with their song “WANNABE”. A song boasting confidence and self-love, the song was matched by its equally impactful music video. The video featured all members breaking out from the limitations that confined them and instead embracing their own unique individuality, a resonating message for today’s youth. 


IU’s music video for her song “eight”, brought fans along a journey through time and space. During the track, the soloist sings about her life experiences thus far with love, loss, and growing up. The video itself is a work of art. The music video connects scenes filmed in reality with animated shots. By doing so, IU allows the viewer to experience the glory of being young both in real life, but also incorporates the more magical feelings of youth. The collaboration between BTS’ rapper Suga, was an artistic ode to enjoying life as it lasts. 


IZ*ONE consistently proves their dominating power in the industry, both domestically and abroad. Their release, “Secret Story of the Swan” was a galactic delight to watch. Incorporating shots of driving through the skies, ornate stopwatches hanging in the stars, and sparkling styling, the music video matched the atmospheric sound of the song. Furthermore, the members’ various strengths in visuals, acting, and dancing was highlighted, charming fans.


Rookie boy group MCND drew all eyes to them with their track “Spring”. The bright and playful atmosphere of their music video charmed viewers with their youthful charisma. Moreover, the video provided an opportunity for their members to showcase their choreography precision and endearing charms. As the title of the song suggests, the “Spring” was a revitalizing, energetic watch that gave each viewer more pep in their step for the rest of their day. 


Also reflecting the artistic quality typical of MONSTA X masterpiece, the music video for their recently released “LOVE KILLA” was both gritty and sensual. The group delivered a villain-centric narrative, forming their own band of renegades. Reminiscent of the Suicide Squad film’s dark atmosphere, from start to finish fans are left at the edge of their seats. As such, the eventful three-minute video seems to pass in a mere blink, causing viewers to hit the replay button, eager for more. 


NCT127 released “Kick It” earlier this March, and the track quickly became one of this year’s many K-pop anthems. The song caught attention with its tension-filled melody, driven by guitar riffs and trap beats. The music video encapsulated the tough vibes of the song, coupling the catchy chorus with the group’s signature choreography, which continues to be loved until this day. The music video is a mix of old and new–with contrasting contemporary and historic sets that keep the viewer engaged. Additionally, the video’s karate inspiration keeps energy levels high throughout the entire watch. 

Red Velvet

Red Velvet consistently captivates fans with their versatility. The group always delivers refreshing music and equally stunning music videos. “Psycho” was no different.  Resembling the femme-fatale eeriness that swept viewers away in both “Peek-A-Boo” and “Bad Boy”, “Psycho” can be considered their older sister. The darker music video portrayed the effects of a toxic relationship in a subtle fashion, weaving choreography and its more narrative scenes seamlessly, and reminding viewers of the unique charisma only Red Velvet can portray.

Secret Number

The rookie group Secret Number impacted viewers with their punchy debut song “Who Dis?” The track was a playful way to introduce the members to K-pop fans, quickly gaining them a sizeable following. Its subsequent bold and colorful music video quickly stamped Secret Number’s identity in the industry. The members’ energy and exuberant choreography left many craving for more. 


Following the immense success of “Left & Right”, fans were looking forward to seeing what SEVENTEEN would share next. “HOME;RUN” proved their amazing versatility. The jazzy tune was matched with a music video that embodied glitz and glamour. The retro concept of the sets, styling, and editing itself only enriched the track even further. Concluding with an elaborate display of fireworks reinforced the power and positivity of the song’s lyrics. 


The queen of pop released another summer anthem this year with “pporappippam”. Sunmi took a delve into 1980’s inspired synth-wave pop in one of her first brighter love songs since her solo debut. The music video elevated the song’s ’80’s inspiration, using swaths of neon lighting, vintage cars, editing mimicking film rolls. Setting the tone for many other retro tracks that would release this summer, “pporappippam” evoked whimsy and nostalgia. 


TREASURE had one of the most anticipated debuts of 2019 and kept the momentum going with the release of their second mini-album. The music video for “I LOVE YOU” boasts the group’s boyish charm as well as their refined performance skills. Additionally, the video is visually beautiful featuring various sets between the beach, a room of roses, as well as a water stage. The quality of the music video is an indication of the great projects to come from the group as well as their emerging power in the industry.


TWICE established themselves as one of K-pop’s most beloved girl-groups and thrilled fans with their summer release. “MORE & MORE”, combined a dreamy fairy-like concept with a more retro-styled twist, following the trend of retro-inspired comebacks this year. The psychedelic editing in addition to the colorful styling and set design all contributed to a refreshing watch that left viewers wanting “more”.


TXT’s music video for “Can’t You See Me?” is impressively dynamic and engaging. Beginning in a light-hearted manner with the members playfully hanging out, the video soon reveals its more sinister narrative. Using symbolism and motifs, as well as changing editing and lighting styles to reflect the track’s darker lyrics, viewers are brought on an interpretive journey. Moreover, the end of the video is perhaps its most powerful, with scenes of intensive choreography in front of a burning house. The music video is a great representation of TXT’s immersive worldview as well as the members’ skills in performing. 


The anthem, “Summer Hate” released by Zico this year accurately depicted the struggle fans felt this summer. With many indoors or restless due to a lack of plans due to the pandemic, the track dedicated to expressing disgruntlement with summer was a relatable track for many. While the song itself carries a laid-back melody that makes one recall lazy days stuck in the heat, the eclectic music video was anything but a drag. Instead, the video shows Zico and his collaborating artist Rain get into eclectic shenanigans during their plight to escape the heat. With the two soloists’ fun chemistry, the video easily ranks as one of this year’s most memorable. 


To see a full list of nominees for the 2020 MAMAs, make sure you cast your votes for the various award categories on the event’s page!

The 2020 MAMAs occurs on December 6, 2020. 

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