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Are you thinking about improving your looks through plastic surgery?

We all have some parts about us that we would like to change, whether it’s the body or the face. People look at pictures of celebrities all the time, and talk about how pretty they are. But what you might not know is a high percentage of them are probably under the knife. Remember that hot chick who was on Transformers 1, Megan Fox? People used to talk about how she was all natural until pictures popped up.


Now, does this mean that technology has gotten so good where you can’t tell if someone has gotten work done? Maybe not. But it does not hurt to have work done that gives off a more natural look. But in a field where results can be a hit or miss, this is where skills come into play. And yes, skill has the biggest impact when it comes to cosmetic surgery, which is why REGEN Plastic Surgery stands out from the rest in Korea.

REGEN Plastic Surgery clinic (Korea) is one of the best places to get work done, not just in Korea, but in the world. REGEN features a lineup of world-class surgeons, each in their respective professional fields.

REGEN in ‘Let Me In Season 4’

REGEN’s leading surgeon Oh Myung-June, a Seoul National University Medical College graduate (which is equivalent to Harvard or Yale in Korea) and a member of IPRAS (International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Society) is one of the most featured surgeons on the highly popular show ‘Let Me In’. It is a program that showcases people who are not blessed in the looks department, then go for transformation through a series of procedures, allowing viewers to witness the change in the person, with not just the appearance but overall happiness.

The show is immensely popular in Korea. Due to many people being able to witness the results of his authentic works, they have boosted him to celebrity-status in Korea.

REGEN is not lacking in great surgeons either. They have a full lineup of doctors who are absolutely best in their specialized procedures.

  • Head doctor Oh Myung June: Two-jaw surgery, Facial contouring, Anti aging
  • Head doctor Lee Seok-Jun: Facial contouring, Eye, Rhinoplasty, Anti aging
  • Head doctor Kim Woo-jung: Mammoplasty, Anti aging, Eye, Rhinoplasty
  • Dr. Yu Ji-Han: Facial contouring, Eye, Rhinoplasty
  • Dr. Kwon Seok-Min: Body obesity, Anti aging
  • Dr. Ju Chang-eun: Anesthesiologist

REGEN in ‘Let Me In Season 5’

REGEN Plastic Surgery is located in Gangnam, Seoul, in South Korea. The facilities are allocated within 15 floors, with each floor designated to a particular specialist or treatment care. All the equipment and software used during consultation, surgery and recovery are state of the art, plus the relaxing atmosphere of all floors ensures the best overall experience for visitors.

REGEN lobby, 15th floor

REGEN lobby, 15th floor


REGEN Consultation & Diagnostic center, 9th Floor

REGEN uses 3 Dimensional 3DCT (X-ray) for measurement of the bone thickness, location of nerves and blood vessels. It ensures accurate assessment for each patient, for maximum safety by reducing any possible error down to 0.01mm. You simply do not want to take any health risk when it comes to the result of your beauty.

REGEN Consultation & Diagnostic center, 9th Floor


REGEN Consultation & Diagnostic center, 9th Floor


REGEN Consultation & Diagnostic center, 9th Floor


REGEN Surgery Center, 12th Floor

When it comes to the operation room, REGEN does not mess around either. The hospital has a special advanced UV system to keep this important room sterilized and germ-free.

REGEN’s head doctor, Dr. Oh Myung June

REGEN’s leading specialists are the best in the business, optimizing recovery times and minimizing inconveniences through REGEN’s very own know-how methods.

The clinic offers 8 types of cosmetic enhancements, each with a variety of procedures performed by the top surgeons in their respective fields.

REGEN’s Anesthesiologist, Dr. Ju Chang-Eun

1. Two-jaw Surgery (Double-Jaw)
Surgery for improving functional and aesthetic beauty through correcting the upper and lower jaw malocclusion.
Target patients: Asymmetric face, long face, protruded lower jaw, protruded mouth, over exposure of gums when smiling, unable to improve protruded mouth after braces
More info here

2. Facial Contouring
Reshaping the bone structure of the face to enhance overall symmetry and depth
Procedure Types: V-line Surgery, Zygoma surgery, short chin surgery, forehead reduction, facial implant surgery, facial lifting, facial contouring revision
Target patients: Big and angular face, wide looking chin, long chin, asymmetric face, squarish facial structure
More info here.

3. Mammoplasty
Special surgery to make the most idealistic and beautiful breast line according to each person’s body type and ratio.
Procedure Types: Breast augmentation, harvest jet, breast reduction, mastopexy, mamilliplatsy
More info here.

4. Eye
Various Eye Procedures for enhancing the size and shape of the eyes.
Procedure Types: Double eyelid, canthoplasty, levator surgery, transconjuntival fat reposition
More info here.

5. Rhinoplasty
Regen’s specialty procedure to enhance the sharpness and shape of the nose
Procedure Types: Low nose, hump nose, deviated nose, bulbous nose, osteotomy, alar reduction
More info here.

6. Anti-aging
Special surgery methods from REGEN restoring loose skin by increasing elasticity
Procedure Types: Upper/Lower blepharoplasty, subbrow blepharoplasty, stemcell treatment, thread lifting, SMAS lifting, fat injection, PRP, botox
More info here.

7. Body Obesity
Variety of procedures using REGEN’s method of removing unwanted body fat or improving shape
Procedure Types: Partial liposuction, body contouring, calf reduction, hip-up filler
More info here.

8. Petit Plasty
Improvement of skin on face enhancing elasticity and volume
Procedure Types: Filler/Artecoll, botox, fat graft
More info here.

Men’s Plastic Surgery (Specialized for Men)
Enhance the shape and angles of the face catered to a man’s features
Procedure Types: two jaw surgery, facial contouring, face lifting, anti-aging, eye, rhinoplasty, botox, filler
More info here.

Aside from all spoken about REGEN, here’s also why they are who they really are. The hospital conducts 360 Degrees Safety Checkup, where it checks and tests everything on you before you go in for surgery, including blood, heart and liver. In fact, not many clinics and hospitals actually put much efforts into the health safety of every patient, but REGEN does.

Below is a list of all the tests performed on every REGEN’s patient.

  • Physical measurement
  • Blood test
  • Heavy metal inspection
  • 3D CT Scan
  • Stress test
  • cardiography
  • Kidney function test
  • Diabetes screening
  • Cardiac function test
  • Thyroid function test
  • Blood pressure test
  • Cancer prevention test
  • Ultrasound examination
  • Jaw joint examination
  • Urinalysis
  • Liver function test
  • Cardiovascular disease test
  • Muscle and Bone Disease Test
  • X-Ray Scan
  • Infectious disease examination

You might even understand more about your health during this examination conducted by REGEN. But the important point is, the more tests there are, the more safer you will naturally feel.

To date, REGEN has a history of zero accident during procedures, and you can expect zero ghost surgery. (Ghost surgery is when you expect one doctor to perform a procedure on you, but while you are under anesthesia, another comes in and does the procedure without your knowledge.)

If you are located outside of Korea and have personal and private questions to ask REGEN, you can either call directly or go to its webpage to make enquiry. You can ask based on the procedure that you are interested in for the appropriate specialist to respond to you.


There are many plastic surgery clinics in Korea, but if you are looking for the best quality with natural finish, REGEN is the choice for you.

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