Super Junior Hilarious Variety Show Moments That Will Make You Laugh

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In their decade long career, Super Junior have proven their status as kings of variety shows

It is a well-known fact that Super Junior members can be extremely funny and they have added great humor in variety shows they were a part of. Members Lee Teuk and Kim Hee Chul are known for being extremely active with their appearances in variety shows however, the content becomes funnier ten-fold when all the members come together.

Super Junior Variety Show

Here is a list of some of the best Super Junior moments from the last four years that made everyone roll out of laughter:

Members teasing Hee Chul about dating two members from same group

Kim Hee Chul may be considered as a comedian who serves massive laughter and gags. But when he is with his members, he seems to be to the most mellow. In an episode of jTBC’s Knowing Brothers, there is a segment where one asks a quiz about themselves and others have to guess the correct answer.

Answering to Hee Chul’s question of when he had the worst time in recording the show, Eun Hyuk jokingly responds that it was when a girl group appeared in the show of which two members were Hee Chul’s exes. Hee Chul got very flustered at that response and turned red blushing.

Perfectly executing girl group dances exuding cuteness and charms

Leave it to Super Junior to make girl group dances cute and funny at the same time. In this episode of Weekly Idol, Super Junior members had to dance to girl group songs with Hee Chul acting as the judge. Shin Dong totally stole the thunder in this segment starting from predicting what the task is to perfectly executing TWICE’s choreography. His dance moves got the member cheering for him.

Dong Hae getting a selfie after conquering the acupressure mat

For a segment in the Running Man episode, Super Junior members had to jump on the painful foot massage mat and try to reach the farthest distance. Dong Hae however, did not feel any pain even after multiple jumps and silently finished the task at hand. Elated at successfully completing the mission, he immediately proceeded to take a selfie on his phone camera.

Super Junior Attacking Kang Ho Dong In Knowing Bros

There are many stories about Kang Ho Dong being extremely intimidating during his stint as a host on Star King. That story has become so popular among the audience that there is also a list of Kang Ho Dong’s victims in Star King.

Ye Sung happens to be one of them and he speaks about when he appeared in an episode of Knowing Bros. The question was what did Kang Ho Dong said to him exactly for him to be traumatized. The other members did not hold themselves back and gave savage answers thus making it difficult for Kang Ho Dong.

A Crying Competition Among Super Junior Member

This moment was funny yet touching at the same time. Dong Hae is known to be the most emotional among the members. Here, the competition was between Dong Hae and the members. The members must shed tears before Dong Hae to win the prize. However, Dong Hae started tearing instantaneously shocking everyone else. He said that he is touched by his members thus shedding his tears.

Kim Hee Chul Getting Frustrated Because Of A Game And Then Involving Dong Hae In The Mix

In an episode of Super TV, Hee Chul was playing a game that is known for making people frustrated. Frustration got to him too, and when he could not take it anymore he called out for Dong Hae. Dong Hae meanwhile was doing another broadcast where he was supposed to be lying down.

Adhering to the rules of his broadcast, he went to Hee Chul’s room crawling like a worn. After he replaced Hee Chul for playing the game, Hee Chul went to his place to do the broadcast.

Super Junior Member Savagely Attacking Each Other

No idol group can troll a fellow member better than Super Junior. In a psychological game of Q&A where one has to successfully defend and attack the other, Ye Seung and Ryeo Wook were extremely savage towards one another.

When Ye Seung was asked which member would he let his daughter date, he said no one. Ryeo Wook then replied, “We do not like you either”. Then Ye Seung asked Ryeo Wook, “What is the reason you do not like anyone?” And Ryeo answered, “You”, thus shutting him down.

Super Junior has been in numerous variety shows since their debut and have rightfully earned their veteran status. Some of their famous variety shows were Super Junior Full House and Explorers of the Human Body. Needless to say, all the members of Super Junior are funny which gets amplified when all of them are brought together.

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