20 Korean Dramas That Take You To Interesting Careers And Workplaces

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Part of the charm why Korean dramas easily attract viewers is its continuous drive to explore story settings.

While crime, legal and medical stories are staple themes to which Korean dramas have consistently evolved to, a few novelties are worth seeing.

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Typically, workplace Korean dramas have its romance tag reputation. However, it has since navigated to unique jobs, and the healing fictional narratives drawn from the character’s profession.

Incidentally, the 2019 season has relatively series depicting unique kind of jobs that viewership can indulge to. Hence, the idea for this feature happened.

In case these rare K-Drama character jobs and office-set Korean dramas missed your radar, schedule a time to binge-watch these series.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Exploring the world of book publication, this refreshing tvN noona-romance treat introduced endearing characters. These are sketches of people working behind the bind pages we read from imaginative minds of writers. From lessons about women’s strength, individualism and friendship, its ultimate message is finding one’s purpose. Romance Is A Bonus Book has presented a beautiful tale of life and romance, which is honest and reassuring.

The First Shop of Coffee Prince

coffee prince

With cute baristas manning a cafe, the aromatic bait is strong for this charismatic male-dominated series. The iconic MBC romantic comedy brims with some familiar narrative bends. These tropes that we are still seeing in trendy dramas such as bickering-turned-romance and flower boy cast. But it is the satisfying love realization of the hero who struggles reconciling his growing fondness to his office staff whom he thought to be a man, who is in fact a woman, that strengthens the timeless charm of the series.

May Queen

May Queen

Learning about the shipbuilding industry is a takeaway to this melodrama. Additionally, it features oil exploration and shipbuilding technology.

Just like that historical ship famous for her endurance, May Queen justifies its slow pacing, and just like a mighty ship soaring in the billowing waves, it will give you a serene feeling after.

The King of Dramas

With four main players and side characters moving to the riches to rags to riches to happiness kind of story, the audience would feel like member of the production team. They would share the reality, failure and triumph of the King of Dramas.

A drama about making a drama is just piquant. You’d be surprised to find yourself cheering for the production company CEO and the writer in the story.

Personal Taste

Korean Romance Dramas

Diligently checking all elements of classic rom-coms, the cohabitation love story of a furniture maker and an architect easily enthuses viewers.

Brimming with love and life lessons for women to learn, the heroine provided insights on how focusing on personal dreams should come first before frustrations.

Worlds Within

Workplace Korean dramas

Stage in television production background, Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo painted a heartfelt and realistic love story of two TV drama directors.

Acquainted for a long time, and once lovers, the love pairing journeys to discover why their love is true even then. And why it means to be true even years after.

City Hall

City Hall Korean Drama

One of star writer Kim Eun Sook’s early series which wove an affecting love story between two politicians.

Their personal dreams and love fulfillment are drawn engagingly as they pursue their political careers.

Baker King

Workplace Korean dramas

Breaking through the mainstream popularity, Yoon Shi Yoon’s popular drama is a heartfelt masterpiece.

Aside from presenting the world of baking, it also provided lessons about love, relationship and chasing dreams.

Deserving of the Name

Deserving of the Name

A few lessons about acupuncture plus its well-contrived story made this tvN period drama of Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong a well-packaged treat.

Baby Faced Beauty

Workplace Korean dramas

The design competitions, the annoying she-devils-wearing-prada moments, the unfailing optimism of the female lead make this woman-empowering romantic comedy appealing.

Set in the fashion design industry, Jang Na Ra portrays the hardworking heroine, who assumes her sister’s identity, to achieve her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

I Do, I Do

Workplace Korean dramas

A successful and grumpy shoe designer lives an affluent life but thrives to the inversely proportional love and work success idea. After a one night affair with a man younger than her, he ends up joining the company where she works as a shoe designer.

Portrayed by Kim Sun Ah, the heroine of the story presents a woman who confuses romantic relationship to her passion for the craft. She works hard to sustain the pressure in her gracious vulnerability and fierce convictions.  The spotlight was on her and she delivered

It’s Okay, That’s Love

It's okay That's love

Given that sickness in K-dramaland usually involves amnesia or anything fatal, It’s Okay That’s Love is such a refreshing watch.

A famed fiction writer moves to his house he rented out when his crib required renovation. There he meets two psychiatrists and a psychiatric patient with Tourette syndrome living in the most entertaining and reckless fashion.

The plot’s charm escalates when he succumbs to an inevitable connection to the pretty psychiatrist. Inevitably, romance mutually happen between them.

Let’s Eat

Workplace Korean dramas

Set in a mouth-watering food backdrop, the franchise drama starred by Yoon Do Joon takes a slice-of-life approach. It focuses on the daily lives of single people living alone. Particularly, it highlights the vibrant life of foodie Goo Dae Young.

Your House Helper

Your House Helper

Putting a spin to how house cleaning and organizing is innate to women, the Ha Suk Jin starrer appeals with its underlying message.

In addition to the physical cleaning tips the drama provided, it also presented lessons through giving meaning on the featured house owners’ lives.

Taking a minimalist route, Your House Helper does not make the viewers feel any negativity, yet the positive tone does not make it linger.


Workplace Korean dramas

While bravely showing the downside of a typical salary man, witnessing the story hero unfazed and persevering to work on opportunities regardless of the hurdles, is an encouragement for people who always have work-related inhibitions.

Misaeng is definitely one of the best produced and written drama of all time with its simplicity and amazing depiction of the daily life of the working class. Without frills, it is an inspiring story to watch – for anyone on board and soon to board onto the cruel corporate world.


Workplace Korean dramas

Displaying the world of secretaries in a detailed way, alongside the embedded personal issues they have to work on, spin the story of Jugglers.

It celebrates career dreams, acknowledging self-worth and finding love. Although it takes the long winding path to clear the simple problem, the sweet direction makes up for it.

The Package

Workplace Korean dramas

With picturesque France as the designated setting, you will get what you never asked for in this comforting drama about travelers who embark on a premium package French tour.

As the journey unfolds, they reflect on their current life and love situations. All of which resulting in overdue disappointments that need to be forgiven and new beginnings that need to be accepted.

Radio Romance

Workplace Korean dramas

There are dramas that make you smile even with unnecessary plot bends. Because the narrative knows when to stop with playing safe. Or even when to bounce back after an uncalled for storyline lapse.

Radio Romance guardedly moved to a perceivable curve of fulfilling its romantic promise, and not over-achieving the technicalities of the conflicts that surrounded the love pairing.

Big Issue

Workplace Korean dramas

Holding its ground well, Big Issue has to thank Han Ye Seul and Joo Jin Moo’s credible portrayals. Giving life to cold and desperate characters, they introduce the world of shutterbugs. Their portrayals somewhat change the way viewers see celebrity photographers.

Search: WWW

Workplace Korean dramas

Image credit: tvN Asia

Headlined by a female-dominated cast, Search: WWW surfs the industry of Internet’s web portal. Amidst the cutthroat competition, the characters tackle personal redemption, career dreams and building relationship.


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