Lee Jong Suk Conveys Affection To “Big Mouth”

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Recently concluded, Big Mouth consistently thrilled the viewers with its intense cliffhangers.

Lead actor Lee Jong Suk shared his thoughts about the series and his fondness for his character Park Chang-ho.

Chang-ho’s arduous prison life was made more enriched by Lee’s impeccable emotional lines and portrayal. Impressively, the actor has presented Chang-ho’s conviction to eliminate the roots of evil that were deeply embedded in Gucheon City.

When asked about the meaning of Big Mouth to him, Lee Jong Suk conveyed his thoughts sincerely.

“Park Chang-ho was a big challenge for me as well. In addition to the diversity of genres such as action, melodrama, and noir, Chang-ho has a three-dimensional aspect, from a struggling lawyer to a genius impostor; as well as a lawyer who does justice, and a loving husband. So, I tried a lot to bring it into detail. I think the days I struggled to shape Park Chang-ho will be a special time for me as well.”

Satisfied with his comeback drama Big Mouth, Lee Jong Suk has vaunted a fascinating portrayal.

“It’s a comeback work after a long time, so it’s quite emotional. Above all, I was happy to be able to show a new side of me. As it is time to send off Chang-ho, I would like to thank everyone who supported him. Thanks to the love you sent, I was able to finish it well.”

Source: JTBC News

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