#BTOB_NEVERENDIN9STORY: BTOB Songs To Get You Through Each Day From Monday To Sunday

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BTOB always got the perfect songs to help you get through no matter what day of the week it is!

BTOB songs are like love letters that speak to you personally. Each word, each lyric, the way each letter flows to form one line is so magical.

With BTOB’s music, it calms. It comforts. It touches hearts. It’s like how every night when you were still young, your mother would read a story for you to fall asleep. BTOB’s songs give you a soft pat on the back, assuring you that you did well and you will always do great things in life.

To celebrate the nine wonderful years, here are seven BTOB songs that you can listen to as a companion as you get through every challenge you’d face each day.

Monday – It’s Okay

When we said BTOB’s songs always give listeners a soft pat on the back, this song is the representative of it all.

BTOB’s “It’s Okay” if not the best song out there that speaks sincerely to everyone who’s having a hard time, could be a national anthem for those who are looking for an escape from the stress that life brings.

Definitely, a perfect song to listen to when you are having a bad day therefore an exact fit to put on your playlist as you fight the Monday blues.

“When you’re struggling and feel alone
Listen to this song”

Tuesday – Drawing (The Picture I Drew)

In life, there will always be a time when we have doubts about ourselves especially if we depend on how other people see us.  “Drawing” might have been made as a consolation that you will always be able to successfully win a lonely war. Specifically Peniel’s part wherein he says:

“Because the harder you fall, the higher you bounce. So get up and start chasing your dreams now.”

BTOB says do not lose hope in moving forward and living your life as you are a wonderful person who has things much more capable of doing. Making mistakes along the way is normal. It’s what hones us and as long as we learn from it and use it to our advantage, we can do anything.

Life is what you make of it so why not live your life to the fullest, right?

Wednesday – When It Rains

Known as the supplier of songs that speak through everyone’s hearts, BTOB decided to create a unit consisting of the four comforting voices behind every sniff and tears.

BTOB-BLUE sings of how the rain can remind us of some parts of a relationship that long ended. It’s about how this kind of love can still linger in our memories. Listening to this, especially on a rainy Wednesday, would be nothing but perfection.

As the song calls for a girl who left like the rain, Melody will never do that to BTOB. And it goes the same with BTOB to Melody.

“When the rain stopped, when the tears dried
I thought I wouldn’t remember anymore but still
I remember you”

Thursday – Remember That

Do you remember how much laughter you’ve had during your childhood days?

BTOB’s “Remember That” makes you recall the happiness of being a child who was full of dreams and wonders for the future. Along the way, the hardships and challenges you’ve endured shaped you into who you are today. It made you strong. It made you ready for whatever comes your way. “Remember That” will always tell you that even if the road gets rough, do not lose your dreams. Remember your goals in life and the very reason why you kept on moving forward. Why you are striving hard to achieve your dreams.

“The cold season has passed and spring has come again
We endured through this cold winter
There are so many things we have to get done
But we will overcome with the warmth of the season”

Friday – My Day

When the week comes Friday, we rejoice as it marks the end of a hectic and stressful week.

Imagine going home after a loud day at work. The way is filled with people bustling around, busy tending to their personal agendas. Seeing this scenario five times a week may be suffocating that you wanted to have a break or what we call “me time”. Just having a relaxing day, not minding the deadlines.

BTOB’s trustworthy vocalists Eunkwang and Changsub joined forces to offer this magnificent ballad that sings of the significance of checking things off your bucket list and treasuring each and every day of your life. This is your day.

“The rainbow above the night sky
Starlight moonlight beautiful tonight
It’s my day I will never forget”

Saturday – Someday

Saturdays are meant to be everyone’s rest day. It’s a day where we start checking off things from our bucket lists. It’s a day where we dedicate each minute to ourselves.

BTOB’s “Someday”, on the other hand, is a song that expresses the hope of seeing each other again when everything goes back to better things, in the right place, and at the right time.

During this pandemic, it’s a shame that we can’t freely do what we want. There were limitations and we have to obey the protocols so we can, someday, see each other in a lighter situation. When that time comes, just like the chorus says:

“Someday, let’s meet again on a better day. Let’s be more happy, more cool. Like the ocean with waves. Let’s meet again, I’ll wait for us. Let’s be more happy, more calm. Someday, under the heart fluttering sunlight.”

Sunday – Way Back Home

No matter how heavy, how painful, how agonizing life can be, you’ll always find your way back home.

For some, we have no exact idea what “home” really means. But BTOB says that “home” is where you feel safe, where you feel loved, and where you feel comfortable to be yourself.

It’s always heartwarming to have a day composed with only chit-chatting and catching up with your precious loved ones. Telling them how the week had given you stress, and all the while comforting you and telling you that you did great. The song itself tells us the struggles of a person who goes through a rough time in his life and just wants to give up. Well, lots of people tend to lose their way once things get tough. But even if the world turns its back on you, there will always be at least one person who will wait for you to come home and assure you that everything will be fine.

Take a deep breath and relax. Don’t worry, tomorrow is a new day.

“It’s too hard and painful, right?
It’s like everyday you’re alone
But don’t give up on me now
Now walk that difficult road together with me”

If there’s going to be that go-to group whenever sadness and darkness appear, BTOB will always be one of those that will not hesitate to wipe your tears and tell you it’s okay.

#BTOB_NEVERENDIN9STORY: BTOB Songs To Get You Through Each Day From Monday To Sunday

BTOB’s vocalists are filled with emotions, while the rappers’ lines are always relatable. No wonder their songs, especially the ballads, speak through listeners’ hearts. The group makes those who listen feel the deep emotions of their songs. And it’s amazing how these talented men can convey those flawlessly.

The songs’ encouraging lyrics and reassuring melody are a plus, but the most valuable fact is that BTOB is a genuine group. Not only do their songs comfort but they, themselves, also. But, cht cht, that’s another feature to make.

#BTOB_NEVERENDIN9STORY: BTOB Songs To Get You Through Each Day From Monday To Sunday

Happy 9th anniversary, BTOB! Yejiapsa!

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