K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: BTS Shines With Funky Soul In Their New Single and MV, “Dynamite”

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BTS is back with a new single and music video that bring both the funk and the soul. And they’re lighting up the world like dynamite!

After weeks of countdowns, fan theories, and teaser content, BTS’ first collective English single has finally been released. As expected, it’s a comeback that shows another side of the group and catalyzes a new era of retro. Let’s jump onto this time machine, shall we?


“Dynamite” Countdown

As early as August 11, BTS has been dropping hints and teaser content to hype up the fandom for the coming of “Dynamite”. Aside from concept photos and video snippets from Big Hit Entertainment, Columbia Records has launched a series of mysterious countdowns in flashy colors that instigated hundreds of fan theories before culminating into little revelations.

The captivating individual shots were the first to hit the internet. Aside from unveiling the boys’ fresh new hairdos (there have been fan theories flying around about their hair too!), their ’90s ensembles and retro photo quality only meant one thing: This is BTS’ retro era!

The group photos were next up to sweep the fandom off its feet. Decked in true vintage heartthrob fashion, Jin, Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, and RM took us on a journey back in time.


BTS x Dynamite

“Dynamite” Impressions

As promised, “Dynamite” is a track that has the ability to revitalize your soul. With its catchy beat and exuberant lyrics, this song is nothing short of old school magic.

The single kicks off with the lyrics, “‘Cause I, I, I’m in the stars tonight/So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight” and comes to a crescendo with the words, “Shining through the city with a little funk and soul/So I’ma light it up like dynamite, woah”. It’s no secret that everyone has been impacted by the global health crisis, so we all need a little funk and soul to dance our worries away for a moment.

From those electrifying lyrics alone, we can describe this song as an anthem that will inspire you to shake off the slump, get up on your feet, and face the sunshine for a new day of infinite chances and happiness.

The awe-inspiring words remind us that life is in fact dynamite. It’s a bright, shiny, and powerful celebration; and if we bring our own sparkle, we can all be in the stars.

The compelling retro accents present in the music and lyrics, invite us into a world of head-bopping and foot-tapping tunes that speak to a wide audience. Singing their first fully English song and masterfully incorporating old-fashioned flair into a 21st Century hit like this, we’ve got to commend BTS for taking it to the next level.

ARMY, give them a standing ovation, but make it retro!

“Dynamite” MV Afterthoughts

With legions of ARMYs watching from every corner of the planet, BTS had one last countdown before blasting YouTube with the full music video of “Dynamite”. The music video radiated retro charm from the very first frame where the septet stood in colorful outfits against a masterpiece of an ethereal purple sunrise.

BTS Dynamite

Next up, the maknae was depicted in an attic bedroom plastered with vintage posters and other teenage boy paraphernalia. After a glass of milk and some signature Michael Jackson dance moves, he was off into a picturesque world of sprightly color and prominent yesteryear aesthetics.

Meeting the rest of the group at an old-timey diner, they all broke into dance moves that came straight out of an endearing vintage movie. (Dare we say…groovy!)

Portrayed in various settings, from a retro diner and ice cream truck to a disco parking lot, dance floor, and an open field of grass, their signature visuals and theatrics never fail to harmonize in sync with the brilliant music. Staying true to their extravagant style, the music video was capped off with a flare-up of mesmerizing smoke bombs that lit up the sky.


Moreover the eye-catching scenery, the fashion was exceptionally noteworthy as well. Each of them clad in sophisticated Gucci and Saint Laurent attire, the boys once again showcased their voguish sense of style while they danced up a disco storm. The element that we loved most about this effervescent and vibrant music video? Well, it’s the fact that BTS is bringing back the bell-bottoms, of course!

BTS Jin and V

Once again, BTS has managed to spread positivity through an enchanting song and music video.  “Dynamite” is a festive celebration of the retro era and carries an encouraging message of making life itself a special occasion.

The song can be viewed as a quirky and empowering track that pushes you to shine bright and spread your magic like glitter. What do you say, ARMY? Let’s set the world alight!

Source/Photos: Big Hit Entertainment