BTS Opens Up About Their Inspirations Behind “Map of the Soul: Persona”

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BTS remains unstoppable as they achieve more goals and stage phenomenal performances. To celebrate, the group gives us a look into the creative process for Map of the Soul: Persona.

BTS’ is only headed onward and upward! To celebrate the massive success of Map of the Soul: Persona, the group held a press conference at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook opened up about their inspirations and the long journey behind Map of the Soul: Persona.

BTS Press Conference

(image via TV Report)

The inspiration for Map of the Soul: Persona

When conceptualizing their newest album, they looked back at their Love Yourself concept. After forwarding a message of self-love, the boys now hoped to dig deeper. As they worked on the album, they explored the process of getting to know themselves better. The group intended to put forward an intuitive story for their listeners through Map of the Soul: Persona.

“We wanted this album to contain the power of love, and the process that lead to that love that made us like this,” noted the group. “We started with love and an inquiry, and we pushed forward with a consistent message.”

Of course, BTS did not forget about their beloved ARMYs, who they described as their happiness. RM described the fans as their biggest inspirations, and dedicated the track “Home” especially for them. The song was inspired by their own feelings when they interacted with their ARMYs, which was described as a feeling of homecoming.

BTS also delved into the inspirations behind each track on Map of the Soul: Persona. RM revealed that he sampled beats from their previous release, Skool Luv Affair, for “Intro: Persona.” Additionally, “Dionysus” revisits their old hip-hop musical style.

“Mikrokosmos” talks about their interest of the world around them. “Jamais Vu” talks about recovering from unintentional mistakes and setbacks. The title is taken from the French language, referring to the phenomenon of an experience that one vaguely recognizes, but is largely unfamiliar with.

Celebrating collaborations

Map of the Soul: Persona saw two stellar collaborations with BTS. “Boy With Luv” was a collaboration with Halsey, who was featured in the music video and lent backing vocals for the song. The title of the song was reminiscent of their 2014 title track, “Boy In Luv”, and confronts this song’s message in many ways. “‘Boy In Love’ is an expression of young love as a manly man,” notes the group. “‘Boy With Luv’ showcases the simplicity of happiness and the joy of love.” BTS expressed their gratitude for Halsey, who flew in to Korea to shoot the music video and helped with producing the song.

BTS with Halsey

The group also expressed their gratitude for Ed Sheeran, who they collaborated with for the song “Make It Right”. “Ed Sheeran contacted us and said he had a made a song for us,” BTS revealed. They described “Make It Right” as a song with delicate sensibilities, and RM’s lyrics matched the feel of the song.

Saturday Night Live and upcoming live performances

BTS also opened up about their recent stint at Saturday Night Live! The boys opened up about their initial concerns about the performance: they wanted their first live performance of their song to go well, and BigHit Entertainment also had worries about their showcase. In the end, they took the Saturday Night Live stage, and hoped that their beloved ARMYs enjoyed.

The group also expressed their surprise when they sold out Wembley Stadium. “We were shaking when we got the news that it was sold out,” they revealed. “It is a dream stage and we are grateful to all the ARMYs who are coming out to see it.”

What’s next for BTS?

After attending the Grammys, embarking on a world tour, and topping the charts, people wonder if BTS has other plans up their sleeves. They are, of course, looking forward to the Billboard Music Awards. The group expressed their desire to come home with an award, and their excitement to be able to perform with Halsey.

BTS’ main goal for the year, however, is to just have fun. “Performances are important, but it is also important for our fans to have fun,” noted the group. “If the fans can enjoy it, and we can enjoy it, then we have achieved our biggest goal for the year.”

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