Chart Trends: Supreme Team’s explosive comeback with “Stay Still”

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Supreme Team is finally back after two years of forced hiatus due to E-Sens‘ marijuana controversies.

The track Stay Still featuring Crush is currently receiving an explosive welcome back on charts. It has topped 10 out of the 11 real time charts and is only denied 1st place on Cyworld by none other than Busker Busker 2012 super hit Cherry Blossom Ending.

This explosive answer from the Korean audience may lift the shadow of a doubt that Supreme Team might have had about E-Sens’ forgiven status for his past minor offenses.

Enjoy Supreme Team’s Stay Still here:

[vsw id=”ysXDvoltzIg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Though ranking first on nearly all charts, Stay Still is not performing like a super hit yet as it failed to hit the roof on Melon and is currently dropping slightly on its chart.

Meanwhile, Davichi‘s latest title-track Take a Drink Together has given away some of the spotlight, but looking almost certain that it will regain as soon as the CCM duo kicks off promotions on music shows.

Do you think Supreme Team will continue its reign on charts?



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