CIX Talks About “Hello, Strange Place” And The Simple Things That Make Them Happy In The Star December 2019 Issue

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CIX continues to splash their colorful and enticing charms on magazine covers!

CIX, who recently held their comeback with their second mini-album Hello, Strange Place, puts their extremely dreamy charms out on their latest pictorial for the December issue of the magazine The Star!


Nailing various fashion styles in their photoshoot, the quintet also shared their thoughts regarding their recent return and their lives as idols on an interview as the new cover boys for the magazine.

During the interview, leader BX said he was excited and thrilled because Hello, Strange Place marks his second album as an idol. Meanwhile, Seunghun talked about what he personally found as the hardest part of preparing for their latest comeback, saying “It was difficult working on it and going through overseas schedules together”.

The youngest member Hyun Suk also supported his statement by adding, “The choreography was so complicated and hard that it was difficult to practice until I got used to it.”


With their current lives as rising idols, the young boys of CIX also shared which little things make them happy. “When I go to do my schedule, I imagine going on stage while listening to our songs. I feel happy when I think of the fans who support us,” Seung Hun said sensibly.

Jinyoung also shared which simple things give him joy by answering, “I’m happy when I come home after practice, wash up, and lie down.”

Lastly, the quintet answered questions about their outlook as a group, which they hope will not change over time. “I hope we don’t change the way we think about others,” BX shared, showing his sincerity that fans have grown to love so much. “I hope our hard work and passion will not change in the future,” Jinyoung also answered, proving the more mature attitude he got over the years.

Meanwhile, more of CIX’s photos from their fashion pictorial, as well as their detailed interviews, will be published in the December 2019 issue of The Star.

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