Getting To Know Day6: Their Beginning, Music And Milestones

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My Days, daydream no more as Day6 provides you with good mood music when they visit your town.

Formed in 2014 by JYP Entertainment, Day6 continues to soar high in making good music. The band is travelling all over the world for the 2019 Day6 World Tour Gravity.



Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon is not your typical K-pop idols. They don’t perform in sychronized choreography. However, their charms shine through when these five lads make use of their guitars, keyboards and drums. Of course, their exceptional vocal skills helps them make the cut in the competitive world of Korean music.

Let us get to know more about them as we unfold their beginnings, music and success.

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The Band

Day6 was formed originally with a  six-member band. However, due to personal reasons, a member of their team left in 2016. Since then, the group remained with it’s five members.

The Leader

The band’s leader, Sungjin stands as the Main Vocalist and plays the rhythm guitar. Although he is the leader, he often gets teased by fellow members Jae and Dowoon. Dubbed as Bob, from the show, Bob The Builder. Jae commented that he looks like the character due to his nose.


Photo from JYP Entertainment

The Visual

Meanwhile, Jae is the Lead Guitarist, Lead Vocalist and the band’s visual. Hailing from California, he is one of the members who speaks fluently in English. His career began when he placed 6th on K-Pop Star Season 1. Following his success, he joined JYP Entertainment. Apart from Day6, he has a big social media following. He also has a major presence on Twitter and YouTube.

Photo from JYP Entertainment

The Lyricist

Another member who can speak English in the band is Young K – the main rapper, lead vocalist, bassist of the group. Although he was born and raised in Ilsan, South Korea, he moved to Toronto, Canada to attend high school.

Aside from playing instruments, Young K is also the dance machine in the group. To prove his dancing skills, he had won first place in a “Math Dance Competition” held in Canada. Often called for his English name, Brian, Young K also contributed in writing most of the Day6 songs.


Photo from JYP Entertainment

The Piano Man

Moving on to their other lead vocalist, is Wonpil. He is also the keyboardist, synthesizer, and another visual of the group. Like Young K, Wonpil also is the man behind the lyrics of most of their songs. Bringing his youthful Incheon charm to the group, he is known for his cute aegyos and clingyness to the other members.

Photo from JYP Entertainment

The Drummer

Lastly, their maknae and drummer – Dowoon. Dowoon was the last member to be part of the group. With their initial debut, Day6 was known as 5Live, but with his addition, the group changed it name to Day6.

The drummer took vocal lessons to contribute as a vocalist aside from his instrumental talent. He made his singing debut on September 2018 with the single, “Beautiful Feeling”, a track they made as a gift for fans.


Photo from JYP Entertainment

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Heartwarming Band Melodies In The Billboard Music Charts

Day6 is known for their melodramatic sounds. With the heartfelt messages in their songs that tackles the bittersweet aspect of romantic relationship, listeners can truly relate. In relation, they have made astounding achievements and landed in sweet spots of the Billboard music charts. Let’s get to know the songs and the albums that put them in line as one of the hottest bands today.

Surprisingly, their first studio album Sunrise, rose to sixth spot of the US Billboard Charts while their second album, Moonrise, landed on to the eight spot.

Not only on their full-length album, all of Day6’s EPs rocked the US charts and also made it to the top 10. For example, their EP The Day successfully made it to the top 2 spot.

Meanwhile, here are some of the songs that also made it in the charts.

Songs About Unrequitted Love On Billboard’s #5 Spot.

Two more songs made in to the top 5 of the Billboard music charts. This time, the song’s meaning is about the beauty of love confessions.

The Songs That Ranked On Billboard’s  #3 Spot

Messages about reminiscing a past love, waiting and feeling out of love are songs that put Day6 in the top three of the Billboard Music Chart.

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Day6 Milestones

As Day6 popularity is rising, the groups achievements come along. MyDays have been continually supporting the band for five years now. With every up and down of the group, their fans have been their every step of the way. The milestones they achieved is not just anchored on the group’s talents but also on the support that receive from fans all over the world.

First Sold Out Fan Meeting

In August 2018, Day6 successfully their first fan-meeting in South Korea titled, You Made My Day. Tickets where sold out in less than a day from it’s first selling.

First Music Show Win

On July 2019, four years after their debut, Day6 receives their first ever music show win at Show Champion. Through their single, “Time Of Our Life” the band managed to finally win a music show award.


Young K Successfuly Completed A Bachelor’s Degree

Day6 member Young K managed to juggle his musical career as well as his studies. In 2018, the group’s bassist finally finished his degree of Bachelor of Business Administration at Dongguk University. He proudly share his graduation photo on the group’s Instagram account.

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DAY6 World Tour “GRAVITY”: Second World Tour

Their iconic legacy continued to improve their second world tour. They started in Seoul on August and flied to the United States for the North American shows

They visited cities like New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco. Their busy September stint wrapped up with two shows in Los Angeles.

On October 5th, they will perform for Singapore MyDays at The Star Theatre in the Star Performing Arts Centre.

Mydays in Melbourne and Sydney can catch the boys on November 15 and 16, respectively.

Filipino MyDays are in for a special treat on November 23 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon are entering the holiday season in Jakarta with a two-day show on November 30 and December 1. Finally, they will be in Bangkok on December 7.

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