DAY6 Songs That Throw You To An Emotional Ride With Heartfelt Love Message

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Day6 knows how to hit you right in the feels with their songs

In a world, where the preference for idol groups who sing and dance is higher, JYP Entertainment’s K-Pop rock band Day6 is utterly a gift.


Steadily gaining popularity among the audience, the band’s resonating music rooted tracks are layered with deep and relatable lyrics. Even a listener who does not understand Korean can feel the multitude of emotions gestured in their songs without needing to read the lyrics.

Currently in the fourth year of their career, Day6 has released a rich variety of songs covering multiple themes.

Here is a list of Day6 songs that gives off all kinds of feelings and make their listeners emotional:

How Can I Say

This is a rock song which talks about falling out of love but not wanting to hurt the feelings of your significant other. In this song, filled with angst, Day6 expresses the frustration on how they wish their lover would not act so kind and sweet towards as it makes them feel guilty for their decision to leave their lover.

The lyrics of the song is very heart-wrenching and it conveys the agony and turmoil felt for hurting a lover as they could not return their feelings.


Day6 made their debut with this powerful title track which uses the term “Congratulations” in a sarcastic tone to mock their ex-lover for them causing pain. A song fill with hurt and anger, “Congratulations” directs the emotion towards former love flame who had moved on to someone else without even giving the relationship a chance.

The song portrays the ugly side of love and showcases the worst feelings that are evoked. In the song, Day6 calls out a scene showing an ex-lover confessing awareness that that he has been replaced. It further questions the fickle mindedness on how she could be happy after hurting him.

Letting Go

Invoking the feelings of sadness and hurt, this song draws the sentiments when you have to let go of your lover in spite of loving them so much. Expressing the emotion of not wanting to end things with their lover, you do so for the sake of the happiness of your lover.

The emotional anguish and pain can be felt through this ballad song and the song lyrics are perfectly complemented by the instrumentals. This is Day6 ‘s first song after the departure of former member Lim Jun Hyeok and the song is said to be related to him as in the MV there is a setup of an empty keyboard and Jun Hyeok used to be the keyboard player of the band.

I Smile

Another sad song related to a heartbreak “I Smile” talks about smiling insistently while going through the pain caused by your loved one. In the song, Day6 pictures the hurting situation brought into after a confrontation with a former lover. And still managing to curve a confident smile.

With bittersweet and melancholic lyrics, the song is heartbreaking yet at the same time it also gives a glimmer of hope.

You Were Beautiful

A slow rock ballad song with melodious vocals “You Were Beautiful” is about reminiscing the moments of the past with an ex-lover. Even though things have ended between with a mutual decision to part ways, the pictured couple are reminded of the beautiful memories shared together.

Adding nostalgia to the song lyrics as well is the MV’s stunning cinematography. “You Were Beautiful” conveys the message that even if you let go of the one you love, you cannot let go of your memories.

I Would

Apart from the main tracks, the B-side tracks of Day6 too convey beautiful emotions and are definitely worth listening. A heartbreaking song with emotional vocals amplified with powerful instruments, “I Would” is about the regretful feelings felt after the break up.

By just listening to the first few seconds of the song, a listener can tell that this is going to be a very sad song. The song is about contemplating about the past actions and wanting to change them in order to avoid the heartbreak.

Goodbye Winter

Another B-side track with beautiful melodies, “Goodbye Winter” is one of the softer and relaxed songs of Day6 and it is about finally letting go of the memories of the past.

It narrates the story about how Day6 thought that they would not be able to move on but with the passage of time, they were finally able to do so. With its quiet undertones, the song gives off the vibes of sitting in front of a warm fireplace during a cold harsh winter.

I Need Somebody

This song displays the emotions of desperation and the struggle to break free from the feelings of loneliness and depression. The song is about how lonely you can feel even in the midst of a crowd and you end up seeking out for someone who would understand and accept you.

The instruments in the song beautifully complements the turmoil of emotions. The instruments starts slowly at the beginning of the song and then goes full-force with the drums and the guitar during the chorus as if you were hit by the tidal wave of emotions.

Day6’s latest comeback was on June 15 with their fifth extended play, The Book of Us: Gravity which also led them to their first music show win with their single Time of our Life.


Currently, Day6 is busy with their World Tour GRAVITY which began in August earlier this year in Seoul and they are set to have their first ever concert in Singapore on October 5. Meanwhile, Manila fans will welcome Day6 back into their land on November 23.

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