DAY6 Talks About “The Book Of Us: The Demon”, Concert Performances, My Days And More

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DAY6 asked fans to listen to their new album with affection and also apologized for their sudden halt in activities.

DAY6 made a comeback on May 11 with the new album, The Book of Us: The Demon and  title song “Zombie”.

“Zombie” was personally written by members Young K and Wonpil, while Jae participated in its composition. With the theme of despair due to unbalanced emotions, they talked about a person who lives like a zombie.


Since debut, DAY6 has shown a wide range of musical capabilities through various songs.

In a recent local interview, DAY6 talked about their album, The Book of Us: The Demon, the ideas behind the album and their creative process.

Revealing where they got the inspiration for this release from, DAY6 said, “This album is the third part of The Book of Us series which talks about relationships. We wanted to sing about the imbalance in various situations in our life. Therefore, we prepared an album with the hope that it would be a little comfort to those who are struggling due to emotional imbalance.”

Thereafter, DAY6 spoke about the album’s title track, “Zombie”. They stated, “The title song, “Zombie” is a medium tempo track with hip-hop elements which is further enhanced by adding DAY6’s color. A person who lost emotions was portrayed as a zombie. At first glance, the title may seem difficult and heavy, but in contradiction to that, it contains the hope that tomorrow will be a little better than today.”

As listeners may note, there is a feeling of void and emptiness in the content of the album.

On whether it was intentionally done, the band replied, “The new album began with the story about the existence of a ‘Demon’, who creates an emotional imbalance. Through the music, a seesaw-like relationship was unraveled where as one approaches and the other goes away. The focus on the imbalance of emotions emphasizes the empty atmosphere naturally.”


Regarding what they think is the most important part of a music video, DAY6 revealed, “The music video should reveal the concept of the song most visually. So, we really paid a lot of attention to the emptiness of the song, “Zombie”. To create an empty atmosphere, all of the members were shooting with a heavy and static mood.”

The band also disclosed what their message behind The Book of Us series is. They said, “The Book of Us series is about human relationships. We fall and get hurt, then we get up and seek hope again. Even though we haven’t lived a long life, this process is repetitive. We started this series with the idea to sing for the present moment and healing people’s loneliness in the process.”

A multi-talented group, DAY6 can write lyrics, compose, sing and perform. When asked which of these tasks are the most difficult, they replied, “It is really difficult to pick one. Every work has its own charms, as well as challenges. However, we are the happiest when the members gather and perform on stage together.”

Since their first concert after debut to the latest one, DAY6 has performed in more than 100 concerts in a span of five years. About that experience, the band shared, “Even though we had performed a lot, we were surprised when we reached that landmark. Our first thoughts were to thank the audience who filled our concerts.”

Also, answering to which concert stage was the most memorable, DAY6 added, “Since every concert has a different energy, every member will have a different opinion about which stage was the best one. But one thing is certain! Every performance is a good memory for DAY6.”


Lastly, DAY6 talked about their fans, known as My Days, who played the biggest part in the band’s growth. They said, “We think we were able to grow up like this because of our fans.”

The band also conveyed a message for My Days and said, “We know very well that you have been waiting a lot for this comeback. However, due to circumstances, there is a lack of activities and we are very sorry for that. However, we still prepared hard for this album, so we would appreciate if you listen with affection. We will work hard to prepare for the day when we can sing along with My Days at the concert”.

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