DAY6’s Wonpil Talks About Previous Tour, Plans And Dreams For The Band & More In Campus Plus’ March 2020 Issue

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The fresh and healthy glow of DAY6’s Wonpil would almost make you forget how busy the band’s past year has been.

DAY6’s Wonpil showed no signs of coming from tiring schedules in his latest photoshoot with Campus Plus for their March 2020 issue!

day6 wonpil

The DAY6 lead singer, keyboardist, and synthesizer had proven his other official designation in the group as a visual with his recent photoshoot showing his immaculate charms!

Thanks to his fresh glow, Wonpil easily captivated the cameras with his effortless poses, and he excitedly shared his thoughts about his solo photoshoot experience.

“It was fun. I think I learned a lot about pictorials,” the singer shared about his solo photoshoot experience and added how he thinks his groupmates’ reactions upon seeing his snapshots would be like. “I think they will smile and tease me.”

day6 wonpil

Coming off fresh from a larger world tour with their recently-concluded Gravity concert series, Wonpil also shared how he had been spending his personal time off.

“I rested for two weeks and I didn’t do anything big. I met with my friends and played games with Dowoon when I was at the dorm… sometimes with Sungjin too,” he said.

In connection to that, the DAY6 member shared how he spends time with his friends. “I have friends who do music too, and when I meet them, we talk about music, play instruments, and make songs. My friends don’t really like drinking so we don’t drink,” Wonpil said.

day6 wonpil

DAY6’s Recent Vacation

He also talked about the recent trip he took with the rest of DAY6, which caught the eye of many fans thanks to their amusing posts on social media.

“During February when the tour ended, we went on a vacation as part of the little break we take at least once a year. This time, we went to Pyeongchang in Gangwon province for one night and two days. It was fun,” the singer said.

“We didn’t go anywhere – we just stayed at the pension [house] and played by ourselves. We swam at the pension [house] and Sungjin and Young K teaching me how to swim was funny. The members also grilled meat and played games. Sungjin and I were very competitive,” he also noted with a smile.

day6 wonpil

Youth versus Gravity tour

Comparing their first world tour to their most recent one, Wonpil said, “It was exciting just like the first tour. We are really thankful that we were able to do a world tour like this again. The staff members who worked with us were happier than us. I think our third world tour will make us feel the same way.”

The singer also confessed which part of the tour he paid attention a bit more to. “Since there were solo instrumentals for all of us this time, everyone took care of that more. To level up the concert again, the staff also paid even more attention to the performances. The members and I are thinking a lot now about how we can show better performances in the future,” he shared.

Tour Memories

As for the most memorable moment from their concerts, Wonpil commented, “During the encore stage when the fireworks explode and confetti falls.”

Further explaining his answer, he shared, “It is so beautiful because it is combined with [seeing] the audience having fun singing a long. “Freely” and “Dance Dance” are exciting songs but my heart feels very touched and it makes me emotional.”

day6 wonpil

With their world tour schedule being tight, it is also unavoidable for DAY6 to have a hard time once in a while as well. As the famous “happy pill” to their fans, Wonpil shared that part of how he manages his mental health is by thinking “I shouldn’t be shaken by this”.

“It’s cheesy, but I believe in myself the most. I also always try to trust the people around me and think positively. Sometimes, it’s not easy, but I try. I try to think of good things as big and bad things as the opposite,” the singer said.

He also confessed that he got sick during the tour too. “However, they take good care of me, so I recover quickly. The amazing thing is that when I have sore throat, it gets better when I perform. Sometimes I think my voice won’t come out for the day, but I end up feeling better once I’m on stage,” Wonpil added.

Plans and Dreams

“I want to have an outdoor performance with DAY6. It would be nice if it could be like a festival where other bands, singer-songwriters, and guests could come and perform with us,”

Moreover, Wonpil shared his thoughts on releasing a solo album.

“The other members are also good at singing, so I think it would be good to release a solo album for each of us some time,” he said, continuing to answer what kind of music he would like to do if given the chance to release his solo album afterward.

“I don’t think it would be different from DAY6’s. DAY6 is the music I like and want. I’ll take the band sound but I don’t think I’ll do strong music,” the singer commented.

Sharing what occupies his mind lately, Wonpil shared, “I think about how DAY6 would be in ten years. I don’t know how it would look like, but I don’t want it to be much different from the DAY6 now.”

As for the band’s plans this year, the singer teased, “I’m very satisfied with the album we are working on right now, and you can look forward to it. I always say this, but it’s going to be really different this time. It’s been a while, and since all of our members, Studio J, and JYP liked it, I’m sure fans will like it.”

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