K-Travel: Why Museum Adventure Through Discover Seoul Pass Is A Must-Have Day Tour

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Here’s how Discover Seoul Pass will save you from unexpected scenarios in your dream South Korean vacation.

Stumbling on unheralded amazing power of Discover Seoul Pass (DSP) can alter your travel plan to a sweet museum adventure in case a bad weather surprises you of its appearance when you are all set for an outdoor activity in your itinerary.

That’s a possible situation interested tourists might encounter when visiting South Korea.

But fret not, because we will give you tips to avoid wasting a day from your vacation with a superbly designed raid to the cutest Seoul museums.

Aside from literally saving you from a rainy day, the fun museum adventure through Discover Seoul Pass can also function as a sort of “rest day” itinerary to break the physical exhaustion after day trips to, say, Everland or Nami Island.

Interestingly, the endearing themed museums are near each other, accessible via subway or a cab. You may choose variety of themed course that would fit your preference.

Take a pick between fun, cultural, or freestyle because Seoul has a lot more museum amusement to offer.

Fun Museum Package

Discover Seoul Pass

(Korean stars at Grevin Seoul Museum)

To score photos that you can flaunt on social media, you have three stops around downtown Seoul that you can visit to achieve the goal.

Start your day tour at Grevin Seoul Museum and snap some photos with famous world figures and Korean celebrities.

Alive Museum lets your inner creativity work with concept backgrounds that can highlight your bright smile. From cute, unique and whimsical, unleash your imagination at the museum.

Teseum Museum is a heaven for bear lovers. The teddy bears make you voluntarily smile with their cuteness, and is a perfect date that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

*Note Teseum Museum is under renovation as of press time

Korean Culture Museum Package

Discover Seoul Pass

(Photos captured at Gyeongbok palace grounds and National Palace Museum)

Coupled with Seoul’s biggest palace, you can immerse yourself to Korean history and culture by visiting Gyeongbuk palace along with the two museums it houses within the vicinity — the National Folk Museum of Korea and National Palace Museum of Korea.

From there you can head to National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art or Lee Samsung Museum Art. With Discover Seoul Pass, entrance is free for all these places. Special exhibitions pass to National museum can also be availed.

Freestyle Museum package

Discover Seoul Pass

(Memorabilias, costume and mini galleries at SMTOWN)

Over at Gangnam area, you can get a freestyle concept museum tour for the whole family and friendship circle to enjoy. For the ladies, marvel at the unique offerings of Simone Handbag Museum and Coreana Cosmetics Museum. For the gentlemen, Figure Museum will tickle your childhood memories. For K-Pop lovers, a visit at SMTOWN is a must. COEX Aquarium gives an amazing bonding experience for the whole family.

Simone Handbag Museum highlights over 300 handbags on display from classic to contemporary dating back to 15th century.

Tracing the history of Korean beauty items, which has been gaining significant popularity worldwide, is what Coreana Cosmetics Museum features.

For the young and young-at-heart, Figure Museum is a haven. Unique figurines and toys are displayed for the aficionados.

One of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies, SM Entertainment, set up a museum housing their talents’ career journeys with interactive AR experience for visitors to feast on at SMTOWN. Even if you are clueless about Korean pop culture, you will awe at its features.

COEX Aquarium’s massive display of aquatic creatures is perfect for the whole family. Children and the elderly would surely love its designed course.

Discover Seoul Pass

(Photo taken at COEX Aquarium)

We strongly vouch to include a day tour plan based on these museum adventure guides when you visit Seoul soon.

Stay tuned for more K-Travel tips! For more tour packages, KKday can provide you with amazing treats.

Hellokpop extends gratitude to Seoul Tourism Organization for letting us experience the amazing features of Discover Seoul Pass

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