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If there is one brand BTS wears frequently, it is definitely Shayne Oliver‘s street style fashion line Hood By Air. To say that the group finds the brand interesting is an understatement because Rap Monster even rapped Oliver’s name along with neo-gothic elites Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, and Alexander Wang in If I Ruled The World.

Below is a list of a few Hood By Air pieces worn, where it has been seen, and where some authentic clothing pieces may be purchased online if available. Although we would like to believe that BTS is flaunting legit HBA apparel, the authenticity of the pieces cannot be guaranteed. No one is judging though because even G-Dragon shops for knock-offs!


Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope, and other members sport HBA x BEEN TRILL tees in their debut teaser images and BTS’s debut showcase.

The limited collaborative HBA x BEEN TRILL shirts are seen on Highsnobiety and in the HYPEBEAST store. However, the item is no longer listed online but may be purchased in-store where available.


Rap Monster sports a Paramount sweatshirt for BTS’s debut showcase.

The Paramount t-shirt can be seen in the Hood By Air/HBA CLASSICS Pre-Fall/Winter 2012 pictorial video. As the clothing piece is part of the Pre-Fall 2012, it may be difficult to obtain online. The sweatshirt is also available in metallic blue and metallic red.


V wears a black Screen-Print T-Shirt in the music video for ‘Beautiful’.

The screen block t-shirt is from the Shanghai release of the collaborative HBA x Yo’Hood collection. It is currently available at VFILES (Size XL) in neon orange for $240, Open Ceremony in white (Sizes S, L, XL) or red (Sizes M, L, XL) for $240, RSVP Gallery in white (Sizes L, XL), red (Sizes X, XL), gray (Sizes S, M, L, XL), and black (Size XL) for $240, and at Barneys in red (Size L) or gray (L, XL) for $240 and black (Size M) for $450.


V wears a Varsity Arm in t-shirt in the ‘You’re My’ cover performance.

The Hood By Air black and yellow logo crew neck t-shirt with varsity sleeves is from the Fall/Winter 2013 holiday collection and may be viewed on HYPEBEAST, RSVP GalleryKorange Market, and MRKT LA. The clothing piece itself is no long available online, but may be available in-store where HBA is sold.


Rap Monster and V wear Black Dunce tees on M! Countdown.

The Black Dunce T-Shirt is from HBA’s S/S 2014 collection. It is currently sold out at HYPEBEASTSsense, and Wish, but is available at RSVP Gallery (Size XL) for $200.

Long sleeve Dunce shirts are available at RSVP Gallery (Sizes S, M, L, XL) for $240, Farfetch (Size M, L) for $240, Ssense (Sizes S, M, L, XL) for $240, Wish (Size L) for $195, and Browns for £215 (approximately $360 USD).

Dunce Block Shorts are also available at Wish (Size M, L, XL) for $298 and OAK (Size L) for $425.


J-Hope is seen wearing the Double Zip X-Ray Shirt on Weekly Idol.

The Double Zip X-Ray Shirt is from HBA’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection. It is seen at MRKT LAUUVO and Ssense, but it is no longer available online, unless listed by individual sellers.

The latest authentic Hood By Air products can be purchased online at Hood By AirHYPEBEAST, VFILES, RSVP Gallery, MRKT LAOpen Ceremony, Korange MarketFarfetch, Barneys, SsenseWish, and UUVO.

Hood By Air is also available in selected store all over the world. Check out the FW 2014 store list here to see if it is available in your country.

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